InterScan Web Security

Superior web gateway protection defends against advanced Internet threats, while application visibility helps manage the risks inherent in cloud-based applications being accessed in the workplace. An optional Data Loss Prevention Module prevents breaches of sensitive information. An optional Advanced and Reporting Management Module offers a centralized management and monitoring solution that provides real-time information on employee Internet usage.

Faced with today's advanced Internet threats and the growing use of cloud-based consumer applications in the workplace, application visibility is essential to understanding network risks. InterScanTM Web Security is a software virtual appliance that combines application control with advanced anti-malware scanning, real-time web reputation, and flexible URL filtering to provide superior Internet threat protection.

InterScan Web SecurityDelivers unparalleled visibility and control
  • Allows deeper visibility into end-user Internet activity
  • Centralizes management for maximum control
  • Monitors web use as it happens
  • Enables on-the-spot remediation
  • Reduces appliance sprawl and energy costs

Superior Threat Protection and Control Over Cloud-based Applications

InterScan Web Security is a software virtual appliance that dynamically protects against the ever-growing flood of web threats at the Internet gateway—exclusively designed to secure you against traditional and emerging web threats at the Internet gateway.

Application control combines with industry leading anti-malware scanning, real-time web reputation, URL filtering and enhanced anti-botnet detection to protect systems and keep users productive. When deployed with the optional Advanced Reporting and Management Module, you gain real-time visibility into all your Internet activities.

  • An optional Data Loss Prevention module with easy-to-use and customizable templates helps you stay in compliance by securing outbound data
  • Centralizes management of distributed web gateways across the WAN with optional ARM module
  • Enables granular policy creation to control all web activities and user time spent on the internet

Award-winning Gateway Antivirus and Antispyware

  • Scans inbound and outbound traffic for malware
  • Prevents malware from entering your network, relieving the burden on endpoint security
  • Stops virus and spyware downloads, botnets, phone home attempts, and malware tunneling
  • Closes the HTTPS security loophole by decrypting and inspecting encrypted content
  • Allows enterprises to selectively decrypt HTTPS traffic to balance content security with user privacy needs

Web Reputation with Correlated Threat Data

  • Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ web reputation technology blocks access to web sites with malicious activity to protect against new threats and suspicious activity in real time

Powerful URL and Active Code Filtering

  • Leverages real-time URL categorization and reputation to identify inappropriate or malicious sites
  • Offers six different policy actions for web access control, including: monitor, allow, warn, block, block with password override, enforce time quota
  • Supports object-level blocking within dynamic web pages, such as Web 2.0 mashups
  • Stops drive-by downloads and blocks access to spyware and phishing-related websites

Why It's Better

Delivers Unparalleled Visibility and Control

InterScan Web Security offers unmatched protection at the Internet gateway and provides the visibility and control required for IT administrators to keep their networks safe and their users productive.

  • Monitors and reports on more than 800 Internet protocols and applications, including instant messaging, peer-to-peer, social networking applications, and streaming media
  • Allows users to access cloud-based applications, while enforcing acceptable user policies to mitigate risks and conserve resources
  • Enables granular policy creation to control all web activities and user time spent on the internet

Simplifies Installation and Optimizes Resources

  • Deploys as a virtual appliance or software appliance, supporting datacenter consolidation and standardization
  • Increases utilization rates of existing servers, reducing appliance sprawl and energy costs
  • Improves security levels with quick deployment of new capacity as needed
  • Speeds recovery from unplanned outages with native failover and redundancy functions
  • Simplifies OS and security updates, version control, and testing

Flexible Deployment and Integration


  • Offers multiple network deployment options for scalability, performance, and reliability, including transparent bridge, ICAP, WCCP, forward or reverse proxy
  • Ensures scalability, performance, and reliability without the cost of adding external load balancers
  • Supports LDAP, Active Directory™, Syslog, and SNMP for tighter network integration and lower TCO

Add-on Modules

Advanced Reporting and Management Module

Advanced Reporting and Management provides customers with unprecedented visibility into how the Internet is impacting their organization. Advanced Reporting and Management applies state-of-the-art database technology and user interface especially designed to help reduce the organization’s exposure to non-business Internet use and to increase their security posture against the latest web threats. Administrators and management have the ability to quickly and easily understand what is happening across their network in real time, to drill down into specific areas of interest, and to set network policies in InterScan Web Security.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerates problem resolution by monitoring Internet use and threat activity in real time
  • Simplifies operations by centralizing logging, reporting and management for multi-unit support
  • Extends visibility with over 50 standard reports and custom report capability
  • Reduces costs with real-time troubleshooting and forensics capabilities
  • Standardizes security policies with policy, and configuration replication and synchronization

Advanced Reporting and Management centralizes the logging, reporting, configuration management and policy synchronization across multiple InterScan Web Security servers. Through a single console, administrators can effectively monitor, manage, and secure their organization’s Internet usage. And because the solution installs as a software virtual appliance, IT can consolidate hardware resources, optimize utilization, and reduce the cost of deployment and operation.

Data Loss Prevention Module

Data Loss Prevention Module for InterScan Web Security is an optional component with easy-to-use and customizable templates to help you stay in compliance by securing outbound data. With integrated Data Loss Prevention, you can:

  • Scan outbound traffic for content that includes sensitive corporate data
  • Create and modify policies using predefined templates to better meet regulatory privacy requirements in various countries by filtering personally identifiable information
  • Provide reports on which DLP policies have been violated by certain users
  • Provide auditing functions for administrators to measure the effectiveness of the DLP policies

Deployment Options

Choose Security That Fits

InterScan Web Security can be deployed as a virtual appliance or software appliance.

Virtual Appliance

Virtualized deployments via Hypervisor technologies

  • Microsoft® Hyper-V Virtual Appliance
  • VMware Ready Virtual Appliance: Rigorously tested and validated by VMware, the only messaging gateway solution to achieve VMware Ready validation. Supports VMware ESX or ESXi v3.5 and vSphere.

Software Appliance

Bare metal installation with tuned, security-hardened OS

Certified by Trend Micro
Through extensive testing and validation, Trend Micro certifies platforms for compatibility with Trend Micro software virtual appliance solutions.

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