Zscaler Security Cloud

Zscaler exists to provide a safe and rich Internet experience for users on any device at any location. As more organizations discover the benefits of mobility, cloud applications and social media to improve their business productivity, Zscaler believes they should have the ability to securely enable these innovations in ways that protect users and mitigate business risk.

At Zscaler, the benefits of secure Internet access never come at the price of the user experience. We believe latency should never enter the equation, no matter how many users and devices  are enabled.

To deliver these capabilities, Zscaler built its Security Cloud from the ground up with innovations based on more than 60 patents pending/granted. These innovations are designed to securely enable businesses for the growing trends of mobility, cloud applications and social media.

No Hardware. No Software.

Zscaler requires no hardware and no software to purchase, install or maintain. We created a unified Security Cloud that brings together multiple point solutions in a single, seamless solution. The Zscaler Security Cloud leverages the world’s largest security cloud, with over 100 data centers worldwide, to deliver the processing  performance and scalability necessary to secure business users for mobility, cloud and social media.

Core Technologies

The Zscaler Security Cloud is built on four key technologies:

  • High-Speed Proxy: Zscaler delivers ultra-fast performance with near-zero processing latency. In fact, many customers report improved network speeds after deploying Zscaler. Our optimized and scalable proxy delivers throughput performance at line speed and near-zero latency. This ultra-fast processing enables Zscaler to perform full inline inspection and threat detection. And, with over 100 data centers worldwide, Zscaler can scan traffic at the closest enforcement node, so there is minimal rerouting latency.
  • NanoLog™: Zscaler’s patented NanoLog™ technology is a non-relational datastore that uses advanced compression and indexing techniques that lets you consolidate logs from various locations around the globe in a central repository within seconds. It correlates secure transaction data across devices (laptops, smartphones and tablets) and applications (security, DLP and application control). Every transaction log of every user around the globe can be accessed in seconds, not minutes or even days as is the case with traditional batch reporting.
  • ShadowPolicy™: Zscaler’s ShadowPolicy greatly simplifies policy management while providing comprehensive control over how, when and where policies are applied. With Zscaler, you can define business policies once, and those policies follow the user regardless of the device or location. As employees travel, their policies move with them to the nearest enforcement node. Zscaler’s 100+ data centers ensure quick, safe and easy transport. There is no re-routing back to a home office or regional center in order to administer policy. It all happens in real-time.


The Zscaler architecture leverages four key tenets that make it unique in the industry:

  • Multi-tenant: The Zscaler architecture is built from the ground up to be truly multi-tenant. Many cloud providers provision customers on just one or two data centers. With  Zscaler, any user can access any data center and remain completely secure. The Zscaler multi-tenant architecture running on the world’s largest and most powerful cloud infrastructure provides the foundation for unmatched, fully-integrated Web Security, Mobile Security and Email Security.
  • High Availability: With over 100 data centers around the globe, Zscaler provides a highly available, reliable architecture guaranteed by our Service Level Agreements (SLAs). If one of our data centers were to be disrupted, your traffic would continue to flow unimpeded since the failover option would simply redirect traffic to the next nearest data center. This highly scalable cloud processes over 8 billion transactions a day – more transactions than Google Search globally.
  • Total Transparency: Zscaler provides total transparency and visibility into its cloud operations via trust.zscaler.com. Any incidents in the Zscaler Security Cloud performance are reported in real time and their potential impact on customers can be instantly viewed for any data center worldwide. Status updates are also posted, so customers know when an incident has been resolved.
  • Data Privacy and Security: Zscaler takes data privacy and security seriously. When you route your traffic through the Zscaler Security Cloud, your content is not stored in the cloud. Logs are tokenized before they are stored, so that even if there is a breach, no meaningful logs are exposed. Sensitive transactions are SSL encrypted in keeping with best practices. Additionally, Zscaler data centers have SAS 70 certification. In fact, Zscaler’s implementation satisfies the most stringent country requirements for data integrity. We have established operations to satisfy EU and Middle East concerns. Finally, data backup is automatically provided within a cloud security architecture. And when it comes to disaster recovery, the Zscaler SCG is highly redundant, so there is no single point of failure.

Benefits of the Zscaler Platform

When you combine all the elements of the Zscaler architecture running on the largest security cloud infrastructure in the world, you get a secure solution scalable enough to deliver real-time, context-aware security on any device, anywhere in the world. By developing an offering that integrates each of those components, Zscaler is able to provide a single, powerful platform for securing businesses for the growing trends of mobility, cloud applications and social media– all with no hardware or software required.

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