Zscaler for SMBs Solution

The Internet has opened markets, leveled the playing field and brought new opportunities for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB) to compete with larger enterprises worldwide. In the past few years, the availability of cloud applications for business-critical functions like CRM, accounting and human resources are providing SMBs with access to enterprise-class functionality at low cost – sometimes, a fraction of the cost of traditional installed applications.

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Until now, these advantages did not extend to the challenges of securing SMB users from the growing variety of online threats. Point products such as email security, desktop Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, web security appliances, URL filtering software, and data loss prevention appliances are expensive to deploy and add unnecessary complexity to the SMB IT infrastructure.

As a result, users often go unsecured, posing a dangerous risk to businesses with limited resources.

Simplify IT Security and Reduce Costs

Zscaler Express provides a simple yet powerful solution for SMBs by offering a single , cloud-based solution for Web Security, Mobile Security and Email Security, with no hardware or software to purchase, install or maintain.  SMB IT organizations can simply point their Internet traffic from any device to the Zscaler Security Cloud, and get powerful protection at a fraction of the cost of traditional security appliances.

With Zscaler, SMBs can securely enable their users with the same powerful capabilities used by our global enterprise customers, including 

  • Web Security: Protect users from advanced and emerging Internet threats with full content inspection and patented inline scanning techniques.
  • Email Security: Inspect the full content of every email to protect users from viruses and spyware, phishing attacks and more.
  • Mobile Security: Securely enable smartphones, tablets and other devices with no on-device software to install or update.

Simple and Easy to Use

The intuitive and simplified management interface available with Zscaler makes it a natural choice for Small and Medium Businesses that typically do not have access to a team of IT security professionals to manage complex security configurations. With no hardware or software to deploy, business owners can easily secure their employees against email and web threats, ensure that productivity is maintained, and guarantee that important data like credit cards is not leaked over the Web.

Why Zscaler for SMBs?

Zscaler’s SMB solution leverages the full power of the Zscaler Security Cloud. Unlike static security appliances, Zscaler Web Security Solution requires no hardware or software to deploy, and is built from the ground up with the key capabilities required to address the challenges of SMBs, including:

  • Industry Leading Protection with No Hardware or Software: Our global cloud infrastructure combines high availability with fail-safe redundancy, delivering uncompromising security with near zero latency performance.
  • Uniform Policy on Any Device: Your users have security on their laptops, but what about their smartphones and tablets? Zscaler’s unified policy administration makes it easy to define a single, consistent policy across multiple devices and applications.
  • Real-time Consolidated Reporting: Our patented NanoLog™ technology uses advanced compression techniques to provide consolidated reporting and analysis across devices, locations and users in real time. Learn more about Zscaler Real-time Reporting.
  • Full Content Inspection: Zscaler’s patented context-aware, inline web security scans every byte of inbound and outbound traffic. By combining this patented approach with full SSL scanning and industry-sourced Cloud Intelligence, Zscaler dynamically detects and protects against advanced and emerging threats.
  • One Secure Solution for Web, Mobile, Email: The challenges of purchasing and managing multiple point security appliances to secure multiple offices and globally distributed workforce can quickly overwhelm the resources of most IT organizations. With Zscaler, you get a single, seamless solution that integrates web security, mobile security and email security.
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