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Web SecurityTraditional gateway appliances were designed to protect data on the corporate network. But in today’s dynamic business environment, users are everywhere, and applications and data are moving to the cloud.

The result: traditional security appliances often get bypassed.

At the same time, the rise of social media, web 2.0 applications, and the bring your own device (BYOD) to work trend are blurring the lines between corporate and personal usage, exposing companies to new risks from threats that target individual users and spread through social networks.

This new, dynamic world demands a new security solution that integrates web, email, mobile and newer channels of communication.

Zscaler Web Security Features

Zscaler’s Web Security Solution enables organizations to embrace new cloud applications and social media technologies, while gaining the industry’s most advanced protection from accidental data loss, malicious attacks and emerging threats. With Zscaler Web Security, you get the key capabilities you need to securely enable business beyond the corporate network, including:

  • Advanced Threat Protection: With Zscaler, you get advanced protection against today’s sophisticated, emerging threats including botnets, malicious active content, phishing, cross site scripting (XSS) attacks and more guaranteeing safe browsing for all users and all devices. In addition, our web security is backed by Zscaler’s guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Cloud Application and Social Media Control: Fully leverage the power of cloud applications and social media without compromising productivity or security. Rather than spending time and money trying to limit user access, Zscaler lets IT organizations easily create consistent business policies that define and control user permissions to read, write and download data across devices, locations and applications.
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware: With no software or agents to install, Zscaler Web Security provides the industry’s most complete, inline protection from viruses and spyware. Because Zscaler’s patented inline protection sits between the user and the Internet, your policy and protection is consistent across devices and locations.
  • Dynamic URL Filtering: Zscaler provides flexible and granular URL categories, organized in a hierarchy that enables better analysis and control. Further, organizations can also create their own categories and manage access based on keywords in URLs or page content. Today, much of the content on the Internet, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, is user-generated and dynamic, rendering the old approach to static URL lists insufficient. With its dynamic content classification, Zscaler can detect liable content and enforce policy on individual pages versus entire domains.

Complete Visibility and Control

Zscaler gives you complete visibility and control of your web security,. From a central console you can define and administer granular policies, get real-time reports, and mine billions of transaction logs to find the information you need in just seconds.

  • Unified Policy Administration: Zscaler delivers one, unified console to create web security policies across devices, locations and applications. Administrators can define a user’s policy once, and apply updates from a central console, with changes instantly reflected across the entire cloud. Zscaler supports active directory integration as well as federated identities.
  • Real-time Reporting and Analysis: View any transaction, by any user, in any location in seconds with Zscaler’s real-time reporting and analytics. With just a few clicks, administrators can get detailed reports on departments, groups, users, devices, and  locations.  Interactive analytics allow you to perform detailed  investigations of application and network usage, threat protection, and more.

Why Switch to Zscaler Web Security?

Zscaler’s Web Security Solution leverages the full power of the Zscaler Security Cloud, the world’s largest security cloud. Unlike static security appliances, Zscaler Web Security Solution requires no hardware or software to deploy, and is built from the ground up with the key capabilities required to address the challenges of mobility, cloud applications and social media, including:

  • Global Protection: With over 100 data centers worldwide, users are protected wherever they are in the world, whether at your remote office, at home or in the airport, with near zero latency performance.
  • ShadowPolicy™ Follows the User: Eliminate the hassles of managing different policies in different locations for remote offices and business travelers. With Zscaler, you define your policy once, and your users get the same consistent protection anywhere in the world.
    Learn more about the Zscaler ShadowPolicy.
  • Same Policy on Any Device: Your users have security on their laptops, but what about their smartphones and tablets? Zscaler’s unified policy administration makes it easy to define a consistent policy across multiple devices and applications.
  • Real-time Consolidated Reporting: Our patented NanoLog™ technology uses advanced compression techniques to provide consolidated reporting and analysis across devices, locations and users in real time. Learn more about Zscaler Real-time Reporting.
  • Full Content Inspection: Zscaler’s patented context-aware, ByteScan™ technology inspects every byte of inbound and outbound traffic. By combining this patented approach with full SSL scanning and industry-sourced Cloud Intelligence, Zscaler dynamically detects and protects against zero-day and emerging threats.
  • One Secure Solution for Web, Mobile, Email: The challenges of purchasing and managing multiple point security appliances to secure multiple offices and globally distributed workforce can quickly overwhelm the resources of most IT organizations. With Zscaler, you get a single, seamless solution that integrates web security, mobile security and email security. Learn more about Zscaler Mobile Security, Direct to Net and Email Security.

Zscaler’s Web Security leverages the full power of the Zscaler Security Cloud.

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