Direct to Net Solution

As the growing trends of mobility, cloud applications and social media continue to transform the enterprise, more users are going direct to Internet to do business. In the process, these users often bypass traditional security measures such as secure web gateways and firewalls designed to protect assets connected to the corporate network. In addition, today’s large enterprises are looking for ways to securely yet cost-effectively enable local Internet breakouts for branch offices and remote workers.

To solve these challenges, companies traditionally have had two choices:

  • Route Internet traffic to a central gateway; or
  • Proliferate expensive security appliances at remote locations.

Neither of these approaches is practical. Both can rapidly multiply costs and administrative headaches for IT organizations, and introduce unacceptable latency, causing frustrated users to bypass security measures.

Zscaler Direct to Net Features:

Zscaler’s Direct to Net Solution saves our 3,500 global enterprises millions of dollars each year in network backhauling costs while solving their toughest security challenges. IT organizations can simply direct user traffic through the Zscaler Security Cloud to instantly secure users on any device, anywhere, with near-zero latency. 

Zscaler’s Direct to Internet Solution includes all the comprehensive, advanced capabilities found in our Web Security Solution, and adds new capabilities designed specifically to address the challenges of cost-effectively and efficiently securing Direct to Net traffic, including:

  • Bandwidth Control: Internet access has become the backbone of many businesses, and limiting access is no longer practical for most organizations. With Zscaler, IT organizations can create policies to provide bandwidth quality of service (QoS) for users accessing business-critical applications such as CRM or corporate social media accounts and limit bandwidth for less-critical applications, such as video streaming.
  • Data Loss Protection: It only takes two clicks to attach a sensitive document in Gmail or any other web-based email and send confidential information outside the enterprise. Because Gmail communications are SSL encrypted, DLP solutions deployed on your corporate network won’t catch this breach, nor does DLP address the challenges of securing road warriors, who are more likely to adopt BYOD. With Zscaler DLP, all SSL content is scanned, for all users in any location, and across applications including web, email and mobile. Zscaler DLP detects and blocks the loss of sensitive data, including credit card numbers, social security numbers, financial statements, medical documents, source code and other intellectual property.
  • Unified Policy Administration: Zscaler delivers one, unified console to create security policies across your locations and users worldwide. Administrators can define a user’s policy once, and apply updates from a central console, with changes instantly reflected across all of your remote office locations. The same policy also follows users wherever they travel in the world, so road warriors are always protected.
  • Real-time Reporting and Analysis: View any transaction, by any user, from any location in seconds with Zscaler’s real-time reporting and analytics. With just a few clicks, administrators can get detailed reports on departments, groups, users, devices, and locations. Interactive analytics allow you to perform detailed investigations of application and network usage, threat protection, and more.

Plus, you get all the capabilities of our Web Security Solution, including:

  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Cloud Application and Social Media Control
  • Antivirus and Anti-Spyware protection
  • Dynamic URL Filtering

Why Go Direct to Net with Zscaler?

Zscaler’s Direct to Net Solution leverages the full power of the Zscaler Security Cloud, the world’s largest security cloud. Unlike static security appliances, Zscaler Direct to Net Solution requires no hardware or software to deploy, and is built from the ground up with the key capabilities required to address the challenges of mobility, cloud applications and social media, including:

  • Security that Scales with No Hardware or Software: With over 100 data centers worldwide, our global cloud infrastructure provides industry leading security, with no hardware or software to purchase, install or maintain. You can easily scale security to thousands of branch offices and millions of users, without purchasing expensive security appliances.
  • Reduce Backhaul Costs: Many organizations pay millions of dollars to backhaul traffic from branch offices to a central gateway appliance for security. That means you pay for your Internet traffic twice, once at the branch location and again when you backhaul it. With Zscaler, there is no need to backhaul traffic. You simply point your traffic to the Zscaler cloud, and all your users are secure, instantly.
  • No Latency: Zscaler’s global cloud infrastructure sends your Internet traffic to the nearest cloud, and combines ultra-fast processing with patented compression technology to deliver the industry’s most advanced security with near-zero latency. The result: users are always protected, and won’t bypass your security measures to improve performance.
  • ShadowPolicy™ Follows the User: Eliminate the hassles of managing different policies in different locations for remote offices and business travelers. With Zscaler, you define your policy once, and your users get the same consistent protection anywhere in the world. Learn more about the Zscaler ShadowPolicy Zscaler Shadow Policy.
  • Real-time Consolidated Reporting: Our patented NanoLog™ technology uses advanced compression techniques to provide consolidated reporting and analysis across devices, locations and users in real time. Learn more about Zscaler Real-time Reporting Zscaler Real-time Reporting.
  • One Secure Solution for Web, Mobile, Email: The challenges of purchasing and managing multiple point security appliances to secure multiple offices and globally distributed workforce can quickly overwhelm the resources of most IT organizations. With Zscaler, you get a single, seamless solution that integrates web security, mobile security and email security. Learn more about Zscaler Web Security, Mobile Security and Email Security.
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