Barracuda Web Filter

What really bothers management is not knowing what employees are doing on the web: How much time do employees spend on social networks or gaming sites? Is anyone downloading malware or pornography? Why is the Internet running slowly today? The Barracuda Web Filter gives administrators clear visibility into web activity to answer these important questions while blocking today's aggressive web threats.

With extensive policy tools for managing web access in the workplace and no per-user fees, Barracuda Web Filter is a powerful and affordable content filtering appliance with models designed for use in organizations of all sizes.

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 Barracuda Web Filter 210

  • 5 – 10 Mbps Throughput
  • 25 - 100 Concurrent Users
  • 50 - 400 Active TCP Connections
  • Our Price: $1,424

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Barracuda Web Filter 310

  • 10 – 50 Mbps Throughput
  • 10 Gb Web Cache Size
  • 100 – 400 Concurrent Users
  • 400 – 1600 Active TCP Connections
  • Our Price: $1,899

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Barracuda Web Filter 410

  • 30 – 80 Mbps Throughput
  • 50 Gb Web Cache Size
  • 300 – 800 Concurrent Users
  • 1600 – 3200 Active TCP Connections
  • Our Price: $3,799

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Barracuda Web Filter 610

  • 70 – 150 Mbps Throughput
  • 100 Gb Web Cache Size
  • 800 – 2000 Concurrent Users
  • 3200 – 8000 Active TCP Connections
  • Our Price: $8,549

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Barracuda Web Filter 810

  • 100 – 200 Mbps Throughput
  • 200 Gb Web Cache Size
  • 1500 – 3000 Concurrent Users
  • 8000 – 10000 Active TCP Connections
  • Our Price: $23,749

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Barracuda Web Filter 910

  • 200 – 300 Mbps Throughput
  • 300 Gb Web Cache Size
  • 2500 – 4500 Concurrent Users
  • 10000 – 15000 Active TCP Connections
  • Our Price: $33,249

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Barracuda Web Filter 1010

  • 600 – 1000 Mbps Throughput
  • 1 TB Web Cache Size
  • 4000 – 15000 Concurrent Users
  • 15000 – 45000 Active TCP Connections
  • Our Price: $85,499

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Protect and Enforce Intelligently

Smart Integration

The Barracuda Web Filter is an integrated content filtering, application blocking and malware protection solution that is powerful, easy to use and affordable for businesses of all sizes. It enforces Internet usage policies by blocking access to Web sites and Internet applications that are not related to business, and it easily and completely eliminates spyware and other forms of malware from your organization. No more costly staff time lost repairing infected computers.


Web Security Agents

Windows and Mac compatible agents are available to protect and enforce web policies on off-network computers. There are no license fees for Barracuda Web Security Agents.


Spyware Removal

The Barracuda Web Filter comes with a spyware removal tool to disinfect computers that connect to the network carrying spyware.


Web Policy Enforcement

Create granular policies to manage web access by global users, groups and individuals based on 95 content categories, time factors, applications, bandwidth, media and more.



Default security policies instantly protect desktops against viruses, spyware, phishing and other aggressive web attacks - right from the box. Energize Updates add new threat profiles in real time.


Easy to Use

Setup takes fifteen minutes or less. The intuitive web UI puts system information, logs, powerful policy features and reports a few clicks away. Reporting requires no database administration.



Affordable pricing and no per-user fees or license fees for software agents make the Barracuda Web Filter appliance the best value in web security today.

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