WatchGuard XTM 5 Series

Fast and affordable, XTM 5 Series appliances combine firewall/VPN with powerful security services and a suite of flexible management tools. Positioned in the middle of the XTM family of unified threat management solutions, 5 Series appliances deliver strong security, up to 3.5 Gbps firewall throughput, and seven Ethernet interfaces – six GigE and one FE – to support high-speed LAN backbone infrastructures and gigabit WAN connections. IT administrators can manage security from a centralized console, scriptable CLI, and web UI. Real-time monitoring and rich reporting are included at no extra cost. Easily scales to accommodate growth.


WatchGuard XTM 505

Main offices that need performance-driven security that's priced right

  • Firewall Throughput: 1.5 Gbps
  • VPN Throughput: 210 Mbps
  • AV Throughput: 520 Mbps
  • IPS Throughput: 500 Mbps
  • UTM Throughput: 275 Mbps

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WatchGuard XTM 515

Main offices/headquarters that want security with fast throughput and room to grow

  • Firewall Throughput: 2 Gbps
  • VPN Throughput: 250 Mbps
  • AV Throughput: 1.5 Gbps
  • IPS Throughput: 1.6 Gbps
  • UTM Throughput: 850 Mbps

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WatchGuard XTM 525

Main offices/headquarters looking for enterprise-grade performance and security in an all-in-one solution

  • Firewall Throughput: 2.5 Gbps
  • VPN Throughput: 350 Mbps
  • AV Throughput: 1.7 Gbps
  • IPS Throughput: 1.7 Gbps
  • UTM Throughput: 1 Gbps

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WatchGuard XTM 535

Main offices/headquarters looking for security in an all-in-one solution, engineered with room for growth

  • Firewall Throughput: 3 Gbps
  • VPN Throughput: 550 Mbps
  • AV Throughput: 1.8 Gbps
  • IPS Throughput: 1.8 Gbps
  • UTM Throughput: 1.1 Gbps

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WatchGuard XTM 545

Small businesses that want the next-generation of network security combined with fast throughput and advanced networking features.

  • Firewall Throughput: 3.5 Gbps
  • VPN Throughput: 750 Mbps
  • AV Throughput: 2 Gbps
  • IPS Throughput: 1.9 Gbps
  • UTM Throughput: 1.2 Gbps

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WatchGuard XTM 5 Features


Fast 3.5 Gbps throughput

The XTM 5 Series puts other appliances in its class to shame with up to 3.5 Gbps for firewall throughput and 750 Mbps UTM throughput, even with security services and deep packet inspection enabled. The 5 Series delivers formidable performance for exceptional value.

Faster, safe web surfing

Add a simple subscription to Reputation Enabled Defense to your XTM solution and your organization will have faster web performance and even stronger security – with no additional hardware to buy.

 3 ways to manage your appliance

Now you have the power to choose how you manage your WatchGuard appliance including WatchGuard System Manager, the command line interface, and a web UI for access from anywhere, anytime.

Fireware XTM Pro included

For the advanced networking features that demanding networks require.

Reporting in the Browser

Provides a web-based, customizable reports portal designed to be hosted with direct Internet access for easy report selection and viewing.

Maximum network uptime

High availability capabilities – active/active and active/passive – ensure your network is always up and running.

 Application Control

Control the use of Web 2.0 and other applications on your network for tighter security, better use of bandwidth, and greater productivity.

Compliance Reporting

Built-in reports for PCI and HIPAA mean one-click access to the data you need to ensure compliance requirements are covered.

 Remote/External Log Server/Report Server DB

MSSPs and larger organizations can now take advantage of the ability to isolate logging and reporting on a separate PC for high performance, scalability, and redundancy.

 An investment in your security

Model upgradability ensures your network security investment is protected with the ability to easily upgrade its performance, capacity, and security capabilities as business requirements change and new threats emerge.

 Green security

Our firewalls are designed with efficiency in mind, consuming very little energy. Compare our power consumption to other security products and see how WatchGuard can make your data center more energy efficient. Green up your network with WatchGuard.

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