WatchGuard Secure Wireless

Today’s network threats aren’t tethered to the desktop. Your security can’t be, either. WatchGuard extends its blazing-fast, full-featured security out to the WLAN with a range of wireless access points for indoor and outdoor use. Even better, we let you easily configure and manage all of your wired and wireless networks from one intuitive console. So let your people roam. You can keep them safe, wherever they are.

WatchGuard’s powerful Fireware® operating system is the first in the industry with true consolidation of wired and wireless management in a single integrated view. Forget all the complexity of multiple, standalone systems. You get a real-time, single-pane-of-glass interface for analyzing wireless coverage, evaluating traffic and channel conflicts, and identifying and plugging network vulnerabilities for both wired and wireless networks. Chaos subdued. Access prevails.

Be the hero. You know you want to.

  • Choose from a range of indoor and outdoor WatchGuard wireless access points for all your roaming needs or leverage our all-in-one solution 2 and 3 Series tabletop appliances
  • Optimally arrange and configure wireless access points with our interactive, graphical wireless coverage map
  • Easily build policies that serve both wired and wireless networks, even as new users and new wireless access points are added
  • Cut the time required to eliminate trouble spots and provide fast wireless to all users with real-time feedback from access points
  • Administer distributed file system and channel limitations as well as transmit rate and power control to avoid wireless interference between access points

WatchGuard Access Points

WatchGuard XTM 2 Series

WatchGuard XTM 3 Series

Security Modules

Packet Filtering

WatchGuard gives you everything you expect from a firewall, and more. Multi-gigabit packet filtering and transparent proxies mean true, line-speed security inspection on all traffic. You also get Virtual Private Networking (VPN) with the strongest encryption to secure connections from branch offices and mobile users.

We always sweat the small stuff.
• Tie security policies to specific users and groups with directory integration
• Stop traffic from dangerous sources with cloud-based reputation services
• Get real-time and historical visibility into what’s happening in your network at every level
• Unique drag-and-drop virtual private networking (VPN)

Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)

Don't let malicious activity run amok in your network. WatchGuard's Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) lets you Shut. Intrusions. Down.

Never leave your network exposed.
• IPS works hand-in-hand with application-layer content inspection to monitor network traffic and system activities
• Continually updated signatures give you real-time protection from spyware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and buffer overflows
• You get full granular control to block network, application, and protocol-based attacks

Application Control

There's control – and then there's strangle-hold. You can't afford to let malicious or inappropriate applications through your defenses, but you don't want to ding productivity with app controls that are too strict or wide-ranging. WatchGuard gives you highly granular control by category, application, or application sub-function to keep your network flowing and your environment safe.

It’s okay. Let all that power go to your head.
• Control over 1,800 web and business applications by category, application, or application sub-function
• Granular control over social networking applications and their functions, so employees can use Facebook, Twitter, and other important apps for work, not play
• Ability to select, manage, and report on application usage by user, group, and time of day


On the web, people can find themselves in a bad place without even trying. WebBlocker's content and URL filtering lets you control where people on your network go, and protects them (and you) from landing in places they shouldn't be.

Who's in charge here? Right, that would be you.
• Get broad control (by URL category) and deep (by specific users, groups, domains, or time of day) so you can block for security, productivity, and legal compliance
• Customize policies to create exception lists for mission-critical access
• Allow access by users, groups, domains, and time of day requirements to meet specific business and user needs

Gateway AntiVirus

Hackers don't stick to one approach, and neither do we. Our continuously updated signatures identify and block known spyware, viruses, trojans, and blended threats – including new variants of known viruses. At the same time, heuristic analysis tracks down suspicious data constructions and actions to make sure unknown viruses don't slip by.

Whatever they throw at you? You can take them.
• Scans all major protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, TCP, SMTP, and POP3 to block all types of malware
• Optimized for best network performance
• Works with APT Blocker to catch even zero-day attacks


Spam: we love it on a plate, hate it in your network. Our spamBlocker is so fast and effective, it can review up to 4 billion messages per day. That could be a lot of spam, but don't worry. We're always hungry.

Don't let our voracious appetite scare you.
• Block spam regardless of language, format, or content – even image-based spam that other blockers miss
• Our patented cloud-based technology is the only effective anti-spam solution for low-footprint UTM appliances
• Identify and block viral payloads for an additional layer of real-time, anti-virus protection

Reputation Enabled Defense

Your reputation precedes you – and the same goes for web sites. Our powerful, cloud-based reputation lookup service protects web users from malicious sites, while dramatically improving web processing overhead. WatchGuard is the only UTM that includes this service, to give you faster, safer web surfing. We thought that's what you wanted.

We've got a reputation. We're okay with that.
• Faster browsing times and greater throughput at the gateway
• Continuous updates keep current with dynamic web content and changing web conditions

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Sure, mistakes happen, but that doesn't mean you should leave your company's crown jewels at risk.
WatchGuard's optional DLP service prevents accidental or malicious data breaches by scanning text and common file types to detect sensitive information. Even if all else fails, you can still prevent data exfiltration.

We've got your back, no matter what.
• Easily create and update corporate data policies with a predefined library of over 200 rules for 18 countries
• Establish rules for personally identifiable information, financial and healthcare data, and more
• Parse data from more than 30 file types including Excel, Word, Visio, PowerPoint, and PDFs

APT Blocker

Advanced. Persistent. Threats. Even the name is scary. But stopping them doesn't have to be. We make it easy to take down the meanest malware and the sneakiest zero-day threats. Our APT Blocker gives you all the power, without the fear of complex implementation rules – and it's all at a fraction of the price you'd expect.

All the power. No fear.
• Optional service works in conjunction with our signature-based antivirus to detect and block advanced malware and zero-day attacks
• Easy point-and-click configuration even against sophisticated polymorphic threats
• Instant, single-pane-of-glass visibility into real-time attacks

LiveSecurity® Service

Hackers never sleep. Neither does our support team. Your WatchGuard appliance includes a subscription to our ground-breaking LiveSecurity Service, and you can choose the ongoing service program that meets your needs.

It's like having your very own ninja warrior on call.
• Choose one of four customizable LiveSecurity programs to best fit your needs, budget, and renewal schedule
• Full access to hardware replacement, software updates, security alerts, and a slew of technical resources and tools
• Remote installation services available (purchased separately)

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