Application Control

Close the Gap in Your Network with Visibility and Control Over the Applications

Today, new Internet and social media applications are a common source of vulnerabilities and attacks. IT pros are faced with the challenge of managing or controlling a vast array of web applications without hindering productivity. Most application traffic is now web-based over port 80 or port 443. Adding to this challenge, some applications also use evasive techniques like encryption or they jump around non-standard ports. And to complicate matters, the distinction between "web site" and "web application" is tenuous at best. No longer does a traditional firewall with only port and protocol numbers suffice; the firewall administrator needs to set granular controls by application. The business needs to understand and control which applications employees use.

Application Control — Adds Deeper Inspection Capabilities to XTM

Application visibility and control is critical to the health of your network and your business. Application Control, only available for XTM solutions, allows administrators to enforce acceptable use policies for users and groups by category, application, and application sub-functions. Using over 2,500 signatures and behavioral techniques, Application Control gives the administrator real-time and historical visibility into the use of applications on the network. The control and visibility given to the IT pro by WatchGuard Application Control helps organizations enforce acceptable use policies that are mandated by industry regulation, legal and political jurisdictions, corporate goals or culture, and the like.

What this means to Your Business? Protection - Less Risk. Increased Productivity. Enhanced Security.

WatchGuard's Application Control enables policy based monitoring, tracking, and blocking of over 1,800 unique web 2.0 and business applications. Gain visibility and control over your network by deploying WatchGuard's award-winning XTM solution today.

Gain Control
  • Granular control over the most important applications like Facebook and popular instant messaging applications e.g. allow MSN instant messaging, but disallow file transfer over MSN IM
  • Control and report on over 1,800 web and business applications, using over 2500 unique signatures
  • Control and report on usage of applications by user, group, and time of day.
Gain Visibility
  • Select, report, and control the usage of applications by category, application, or application sub-function.

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