VMware Horizon Workspace

VMware® Horizon Workspace™ gives end-users easy access to all their business apps and files from a single workspace on any device. Moreover, it gives IT a scalable, policy-based management platform to centrally govern and secure these assets across devices.

 VMware Horizon Workspace

 VMware Horizon Workspace

Streamline the end-user experience and reduce costs with a single workspace for applications and data, delivered securely on any device.

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 Work is inherently more mobile today with employees working from anywhere, using a variety of devices to access business applications and data. This new mobile workstyle results in a workforce that is more productive, efficient and highly engaged. VMware Horizon Workspace helps IT organizations develop a strategy to support these new work patterns in the following ways:

Single Workspace for Apps & Data

Today's workers use multiple devices and cloud services, which results in scattered silos of data. Horizon Workspace makes it easy for users to access widely dispersed information by creating a corporate workspace that contains all their files and applications.

Separate Personal & Corporate Data

Horizon Workspace creates a separate container for corporate assets on mobile devices, preventing data leakage and preserving the privacy of any personal information on the same device. IT manages only what it needs to manage, bringing security and compliance to personally-owned devices.

Manage Users, Not Devices

IT must secure and support an immense variety of applications, devices and operating systems. Horizon Workspace gives IT a user-centric management platform where all apps and data services are centrally cataloged and then distributed to users based on their identity and needs. It also future-proofs the investment by accommodating new applications, devices and operating systems without requiring new infrastructure.

Secure Corporate Data

Horizon Workspace strictly isolates and contains corporate assets on mobile devices, enabling advanced protection and security. Important user activity is also logged to provide visibility for auditing and compliance purposes.

Share Files Seamlessly

Today's on-the-go users need to share files with colleagues as well as partners and customers beyond the firewall. Horizon Workspace enables employees to collaborate and be productive from any device, while ensuring that company data remains under the umbrella of IT governance.

Horizon Workspace Features

Single Workspace for Apps & Data

  • Access shared content from Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices and tablets, as well as from any major browser
  • Synchronize activity from desktop to device for anytime, anywhere access to corporate files
  • Access Windows-based applications through ThinApp

Separate Personal & Corporate Data

  • Isolate corporate assets on a guest operating system, the workspace is a virtualized container, with its own operating system, applications and policies. IT can remotely manage the entire lifecycle of the workspace, including determining security settings such as timeout/lease, logging for auditing and remote wipe across every application in the workspace
  • Protect with a dedicated, out-of-the-box VPN (Cisco, Juniper, F5)
  • Leverage native applications and prepopulate devices with popular third-party business applications including Evernote and LinkedIn

Manage Users, Not Devices

  • Authorize user access to corporate applications and assets based on the user's identity, device, and the type of connection
  • Establish governance and security with a single policy engine that spans disparate systems for data, applications, and devices; easily visualize advanced policy scenarios, layering and hierarchy with policy preview engine
  • Dynamically update policies
  • Set group-based policies to govern data usage; support policy enforcement even when device is offline; specify granular policy controls over data quota, allowed file types, maximum size, domains, expiration of shares, external sharing ability, and version control; dynamically push out policy changes to users without re-provisioning
  • Add, update and delete users via Active Directory; manage internal and external users
  • Manage application categorization, publishing, versioning and distribution into an application catalog
  • Preconfigure application preferences before distributing applications to employees

  Secure Corporate Data

  • Allow your IT department to maintain total control of security, SLAs, backups, upgrades and more
  • Create group-based security policies, monitor device inventory and obtain device diagnostic information all from a Web-based console
  • Provide full encryption, remote lock and wipe, jailbreak detection, and password enforcement
  • Set data containment policies to prevent data leakage as a result of copy/paste or opening documents in public share sites
  • Log events for auditing and document retention by policy, on a user, group or global basis
  • Get application usage reports

vmw-dgrm-workspace-dataShare Files Seamlessly

  • Share folders and files with anyone you need to, including external users such as partners or customers
  • Streamline team contributions to data using version control and comments
  • Invite internal and external users with defined permissions to view, add, edit or share content; apply policies to restrict file sharing when needed
  • Eliminate rogue use of unsecured third-party file sharing applications 

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