VMware Horizon Mirage

VMware® Horizon Mirage™ 4.2 is a centralized desktop image management technology that separates the PC into logical layers owned and managed by either IT or the end-user. Update IT managed layers while maintaining end user files and personalization locally on the endpoint. Continuous synchronizations of these layers create full desktop snapshots that are backed up and stored in the data center for recovery or rollback in case of failure to minimize downtime. Its intelligent and adaptive infrastructure makes Horizon Mirage efficient for use in varying network conditions.

With Horizon Mirage, IT can reduce the time and money required to standardize particular layers of the desktop, back up desktops, and handle both planned migrations and unplanned desktop recovery.

 VMware Horizon Mirage

 VMware Horizon Mirage

Gain centralized, zero-touch physical and virtual desktop management with full native performance and flexibility for end-users.

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Layered Image Management for Zero-Touch Windows 7 Migration

When Horizon Mirage is installed on a PC, it scans the entire device and categorizes all of the contents into a number of logical layers. Horizon Mirage isn’t moving anything around on the PC—just categorizing so that IT can do more granular management of the PC going forward.

After the logical layers are determined, Horizon Mirage then sends a complete copy of that PC to the datacenter and keeps it synchronized. If an end user goes offline, Horizon Mirage will simply perform a synchronization the next time that user comes back online. That synchronization will include updates IT has made to the IT-managed layers, and also updates that the end user has made to their data, profile, or user-installed applications.

Horizon Mirage runs everything locally on the end user’s PC so they are able to leverage native PC performance, persistent personalization, and user-installed applications regardless of whether they are online or offline.

Horizon Mirage addresses a number of key IT business initiatives, including the following:


  • Streamline Windows 7 Migrations
  • Simplified Desktop Backup and Recovery
  • Easily Manage Remote and Branch Office PCs without additional infrastructure

Horizon Features

Performance Enhancements in Centralization and Localization Support *New in 4.2*

With Horizon Mirage 4.2 continued improvements have been made in the centralization process with reduced IOPS requirements. Horizon Mirage Client and File Portal localization now includes support for French, German, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

  Desktop Recovery and Simplified Desktop Administration *New in 4.2*

Full PC snapshots and synchronizations of any IT or end-user initiated changes to the datacenter ensure quick desktop recovery. Minimize end-user downtime when an end user's PC has been lost, stolen or damaged and quickly restore the end-user system to a new device. A new web admin interface allows IT helpdesks to troubleshoot and fix endpoints with Horizon Mirage and streamline desktop administration tasks with easy access from any device. In Horizon Mirage 4.2 additional support is now available for Windows Vista OS support for disaster recovery and Windows 7 Migration.

  Streamlined OS Migrations *New in 4.2*

End User Console View

Horizon Mirage accelerates the most common approaches to Windows 7 migrations: upgrading an existing Windows XP device to Windows 7 or migrating an end user's profile and files to a new Windows 7 machine. In addition, Horizon Mirage takes a full snapshot of the Windows XP system before it attempts the migration, so if something goes wrong, you can quickly restore the end user to the previous system. In Horizon Mirage 4.2 automated in-place Windows 7 Migration with Sophos 5.5 endpoint encryption without the need to de-crypt and re-crypt the endpoint. Additional support for Windows Vista OS Migrations to Windows 7 is also available.

  Layered PC Image Management

Manage your PC image as a set of logical layers owned by either IT or the end-user. Update IT managed layers while maintaining end-user files and personalization. Then, if a PC is simply malfunctioning, IT can restore the system layers on an end point to fix an issue without overwriting user layers. Or, quickly migrate a user from an old PC to a new PC without losing any of their user data, profile, or user-installed applications during a hardware refresh cycle.

Application Layering

Easily deploy applications or VMware ThinApp packages to any collection of end users by leveraging Horizon Mirage's application layering technology.

  Branch Office Optimization

Enable any Horizon Mirage Client endpoint into a Branch Reflector to optimize branch office management. Horizon Mirage Branch Reflector allows you to download any updates once from the Horizon Mirage Server and allow peer to peer updates to other Horizon Mirage Clients in the branch office. Advanced algorithms ensure that only required data is ever sent between the Horizon Mirage Server and Horizon Mirage Clients in a remote location or office.

Optimized and Adaptive Experience

The VMware Horizon Mirage client monitors the resources being used on an end user's PC to make sure that the backup and synchronization processes never interferes with their productivity. Horizon Mirage will automatically throttle CPU, RAM and network usage up and down as needed to guarantee a seamless end user experience.

Personalized Performance

Allow end-users to leverage the local computing resources of their desktops and laptops and maintain offline productivity. Horizon Mirage managed images can install natively onto the Windows PCs, or as virtual desktops on Mac or Linux desktops and laptops with Fusion Pro. Image layering gives end-users the flexibility to personalize and customize their systems.

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