VMware Horizon Suite

The scope of end-user computing is expanding, as the workforce adopts more and more devices and platforms that provide mobility and productivity anywhere. For IT, the upshot is an increasingly complex and dynamic environment that's hard to administer with rigid PC-centric tools and processes. VMware® Horizon Suite moves IT beyond these limitations—with the technology and capabilities to securely deliver and manage robust end-user computing across all devices.

VMware Horizon Suite

VMware® Horizon™ Suite

Provides the technology to securely deliver and manage robust end-user computing across all devices.

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Deliver the Freedom End-Users Want with the Safety and Control IT Needs 

Consumer and cloud technologies have enhanced our lives with new kinds of efficiency and freedom. To achieve the same agility at work, employees are flooding the environment with a dizzying array of mobile platforms and devices—many of which are not integrated, secured, or managed at all.

IT is tasked with embracing and supporting this new technology landscape while bringing it under the umbrella of corporate governance, security, and control. Horizon Suite gives IT the technology and the means—by transforming siloed desktops, applications, and data into centrally managed services, securely delivered to end-users on the devices of their choice.

Horizon Suite empowers both IT and users with advantages that move the business forward:

  • Lower the total cost of ownership of existing Windows PCs and applications
  • Provide robust and reliable end-user computing on any desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Gain centralized physical and virtual desktop management governed by business policies
  • Securely deliver Windows, SaaS, and web applications on any desktop or mobile device.

Leverage the Horizon Suite end-user computing platform to fundamentally transform your environment.

 VMware Horizon View

 VMware Horizon View

Simplify desktop management, security, and control while delivering an optimum end-user computing experience across all devices and networks.

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 VMware Horizon Mirage

 VMware Horizon Mirage

Gain centralized, zero-touch physical and virtual desktop management with full native performance and flexibility for end-users.

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 VMware Horizon Workspace

 VMware Horizon Workspace

Streamline the end-user experience and reduce costs with a single workspace for applications and data, delivered securely on any device.

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Key Features and Benefits of VMware Horizon Suite

Simplify Your Environment

Transform silos into centralized services. VMware Horizon Suite lets you virtualize desktops and aggregate applications and user data, for centralized, simplified, and automated management of all kinds of devices and applications—Windows, web-based, and SaaS alike.

Services are efficiently and centrally allocated to users, governed by company-wide entitlement and access policies that you define.

Streamline and automate operations. IT gains a single unified interface for providing employee access to desktops, files, and applications. Use the intuitive management console to seamlessly deliver these end-user services with just a few clicks. Granular control capabilities let you customize user access and personalization.

Provide a single aggregated workspace for every end-user. Employees gain a secure workspace where every user has private, direct access to his or her desktop, applications, and data, on any device, with minimal management overhead.

Eliminate incentives for rogue technologies. Replace outdated technologies with easy file sharing and robust mobile access to applications—dissolving user motivations to introduce non-secure outlier technologies.

Future-proof your IT investments. Horizon Suite is user-centric: applications are allocated to individuals and groups rather than their devices. The result is a dynamic, hardware and software-agnostic workspace that readily accommodates emerging applications and tools with minimal configuration and provisioning. 

Manage and Secure End-User Access, Devices, and Data

Deliver agile and elastic infrastructure. Applications, data, and desktops are untethered from hardware silos to provide a newly responsive and highly scalable environment—one that quickly adapts to changing workloads, market dynamics, and business growth, and that’s always accessible to users wherever they may be.

Enable zero-touch physical and virtual desktop management. Liberate your staff from costly, disruptive manual administration tools, with centralized and automated management of desktop services across the LAN and WAN.

Universally apply access and security policies. Preclude security breaches and compliance faults by setting up access and governance policies that manage entitlement and utilization of end-user computing services.

Maximize availability and uptime. Gain continuous, automated back-up of every physical and virtual desktop in full—including personal applications, files, and customizations—so you can readily supply replacement PCs that let users pick up right where they left off.

Reduce total cost of desktop ownership by 50%. Lower your desktop TCO up to 50% through virtualization and simplified, centralized desktop management. Desktops that must remain physical are managed centrally as well, with cost-saving conveniences like zero-touch disaster recovery, break-fix, and automated Windows 7 migration.

Standardize your management Infrastructure. Deliver and manage services via a single end-user computing platform—for higher scalability, greater security and control, and enhanced reliability.

Empower Your End-Users

Boost productivity everywhere. End-users gain instant access to all their applications and data—whether at their desks, in a meeting, at home, in transit, or halfway around the world. They enjoy a rich, personalized, device-native experience on whatever desktop or mobile tool they’re using at the time.

Support “bring your own device” (BYOD) initiatives. With Horizon Suite, access is enabled by end-user identity rather than being tied or limited to any specific device. So employees are free to utilize whatever flavor of PC, tablet, or smartphone they prefer, and alternate among them at will. People can use the same mobile device for both work and personal life, with full protection of their privacy.

Supply direct, immediate access. Applications and data are consolidated into a single workspace, securely delivered to end-users on any device. Workforce mobility is enabled with precisely the right tools, precisely when employees need them—without technical hassles or waiting on IT issues.

Enable end-user collaboration. People can easily share applications and data with colleagues they choose, manage and track all versions of their files, and monitor who can review, edit, and comment on their materials.

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