vSphere Storage DRS

Aggregate storage resources of several storage volumes in to a single pool and simplify storage management at scale. Intelligently place workloads on storage volumes during provisioning based on available storage resources. Perform ongoing load balancing between volumes to ensure space and I/O bottlenecks are avoided as per pre-defined rules that reflect business needs and changing priorities with vSphere Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (SDRS).

  • Reduce IT costs and improve agility with rapid and simpler provisioning
  • Increase manageability at scale by automated monitoring and remediation
  • Improve application performance by avoiding storage resource bottlenecks.
  • Meet application service levels during unavoidable congestion by leveraging Storage I/O control

Align Storage Resources to Meet Your Business Objectives

vSphere Storage DRS continuously monitors storage space and I/O utilization across a pre-assigned pool of storage volumes and intelligently aligns storage resources to meet your business growth objectives:

  • Specify how storage resources are allocated to virtual machines with rules and policies
  • Give IT autonomy to business organizations by assigning dedicated storage infrastructure to business units while still achieving higher storage utilization through pools of storage volumes.
  • Empower business units to build and manage virtual machines within their storage while giving central IT control over storage resources.

Balance Your Storage Space and I/O Load with Storage DRS

VMware Storage DRS continuously balances storage space usage and storage I/O load and avoids resource bottlenecks to meet application service levels, and increases manageability of storage at scale. VMware Storage DRS allows you to

Easily deploy additional storage capacity

VMware Storage DRS will seamlessly take advantage of additional capacity when new storage is added to a pool of storage volumes by balancing storage space usage and I/O load without disruption to running workloads.

Maintain storage volumes in a non-disruptive manner

VMware Storage DRS can evacuate a storage volume when in maintenance mode while balancing storage space usage and I/O load within the pool of storage volumes.

Improve service levels for all applications

VMware Storage DRS continuously balances storage I/O load between volumes, ensuring that congestion is avoided. In conjunction with SIOC, it ensures that during congestion, critical virtual machines and applications have access to appropriate storage resources at any point in time.

Increase vSphere administrator's productivity

Enable vSphere administrators to monitor and effectively manage more IT infrastructure.

VMware Storage DRS is included in the  Enterprise Plus edition.

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