vSphere Distributed Switch

Simplify and enhance the provisioning, administration and monitoring of virtual machine networking with VMware vSphere Distributed Switch. The Distributed Switch provides a centralized point of control for cluster level networking and moves beyond per host network configuration in virtual environments.

Simplify Virtual Machine Networking

The vSphere Distributed Switch simplifies virtual machine networking by enabling you to set up virtual machine networking for your entire datacenter from a centralized interface.

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vSphere's Distributed Switch spans many vSphere hosts and aggregates networking to a centralized cluster level. The Distributed Switch abstracts configuration of individual virtual switches and enables centralized provisioning, administration and monitoring through VMware vCenter Server.

Enhance Virtual Machine Networking VMW-DGRM-vSPHR5-vmotion-lg


The vSphere Distributed Switch maintains network runtime state for VMs as they move across multiple hosts, enabling inline monitoring and centralized firewall services. It provides a  framework for monitoring and maintaining the security of virtual machines as they move from physical server to physical server and enables the use of third party virtual switches such as the Cisco Nexus 1000V to extend familiar physical network features and controls to virtual networks.

The vSphere Distributed Switch can be purchased as a component of the Enterprise Plus Edition or kit of VMware vSphere.

vCenter Server is required for the use of this feature.

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