VMware vShield Edge

VMware vShield Edge, part of the VMware vShield family, delivers an operationally efficient, simple and cost-effective security services gateway to secure the perimeter of virtual datacenters. The solution’s virtual security appliance delivers gateway services such as firewall/NAT, load balancer, VPN and DHCP and is fully integrated with VMware vCenter Server and VMware vCloud Director.

  • Safely share cloud infrastructure by creating logical security zones that provide complete network isolation for virtual datacenters.
  • Easily support multi-tenant IT environments
  • Enable role-based access control and separation of duties as part of a unified framework for managing virtualization security.

Security for Virtual Datacenters and Private Clouds 


Today more and more organizations are leveraging the benefits of private clouds to increase flexibility and reduce costs. Yet many haven’t changed their traditional approach of using physical security infrastructures to secure virtual datacenters and networks. Physical security appliances severely limit flexibility and the ability to scale. They’re not virtualization aware, making it all too easy to become non-compliant as changes occur in a dynamic infrastructure. Also, a heavy reliance on hardware-based solutions leaves organizations with multiple special purpose appliances, each with its own interface. The lack of a common management interface adds to the cost and complexity of maintaining the security of virtual datacenters.

vShield Edge virtual appliance enables organizations to:

  • Consolidate edge security hardware: Provision edge security services, including firewall and VPN, using existing vSphere resources, eliminating the need for specialized hardware-based solutions.
  • Ensure performance and availability of web services: Efficiently manage inbound web traffic across virtual machine clusters with web load balancing capabilities.
  • Accelerate IT compliance: Get increased visibility and control over security at the network edge, with the logging and auditing controls you need to demonstrate compliance with internal policies and external regulatory requirements.  
  • Support Multi-Tenancy environments and safely share network resources by creating logical security boundaries that provide isolation for virtual datacenters. Gain granular control and visibility over network gateway traffic, along with VPN services to protect the confidentiality and integrity of communications between virtual datacenters.
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