VMware vShield App

Protect critical applications in the virtual datacenter from network-based threats with VMware vShield App, part of the VMware vShield family. Get deep visibility into network communications and enforce granular policies with security groups. Eliminate hardware and policy sprawl with a cost-effective solution that offers better-than-physical security.

  • Easily support applications belonging to different trust levels in the same virtual datacenter
  • Ensures proper segmentation and enforce trust zones for all applications and databases
  • Gain visibility and control over network communications between virtual machines
  • Implement agile policy enforcement based on logical constructs centered on the workloads to be protected, and not on infrastructure constructs such as IP addresses or VLANs.

Secure Business-Critical Applications with Confidence

In a virtual environment, organizations must have visibility of traffic between virtual workloads to evaluate risk levels. They need their critical applications and databases isolated and protected from threats from less secure or unpatched systems. And they need to implement audit and compliance controls on in-scope hosts.

The hypervisor-level firewall in VMware vShield App provides adaptive security that travels with virtual machines as they migrate from host to host so that enterprises can securely support their virtual applications in dynamic cloud environments.

vShield App protects your applications against internal network-based threats and reduces the risk of policy violations within the corporate security perimeter. It provides deep packet inspection and connection control based on source and destination IP addresses. Because VMware vShield App plugs directly into VMware vSphere you can create and manage policies that adapt to dynamic cloud environments.

VMW-DGRM-vSHLD-APP-600x800 As a hypervisor-based application-aware firewall solution, VMware vShield App installs on each VMware vSphere host and controls and monitors all traffic between virtual machines using business-relevant policies. These policies are applied to logical, dynamic application boundaries (security groups) instead of physical boundaries.

Address common challenges to application security within virtualized environments:

  • Eliminate blind spots: Define and enforce granular policies for all traffic between applications, increasing visibility into traffic while helping to eliminate detours to physical firewalls.
  • Maintain change-aware protection: Ensure network topology changes do not impact application security with continuous firewall protection for virtual machines as they migrate from host to host.
  • Accelerate IT compliance: Get increased visibility and control over virtual machine network security with the logging and auditing controls you need to demonstrate compliance with internal policies and external regulatory requirements.

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