VMware vFabric tc Server

vFabric tc Server, the best place to build and run Java Spring applications, provides enterprise users with the lightweight server they want paired with the operational management, advanced diagnostics, and mission-critical support capabilities businesses need. Designed to be a drop-in replacement for Apache Tomcat, vFabric tc Server ensures a seamless migration path for existing custom-built and commercial software applications already certified for Tomcat.

Lean, Powerful  Apache Tomcat Compatible Server - Ideally Suited for Virtual Environments

vFabric tc Server’s built-in Spring instrumentation accelerates development and deployment by as much as 50% over traditional JEE servers. This 100% Apache Tomcat compatible enterprise application server is engineered for Spring and purpose-built for VMware vSphere virtualization.

VMW tcServer01 DeploymentFlexibility Lightweight Application Server Optimized for Virtual Environments

vFabric tc Server provides a lean platform for running modern applications and is ideally suited for the virtualized datacenter. Thanks to its very small footprint and lean approach, vFabric tc Server typically requires significantly less computing resources compared with typical application servers, enabling greater application server density within a virtual environment. An integrated experience with VMware tools means applications can be easily deployed and managed.

Best Place to Run Spring Applications

VMW tcServer02 BestPlace 800x600 With its native Spring Instrumentation, vFabric tc Server enables fine-grained monitoring of deployed applications and unparalleled visibility into the execution of Spring-powered applications. Built-in advanced application management and reporting for Spring applications enpowers the application operator with the top-down insight required to ensure Spring applications are performing as expected.

Pack More Java VMs onto Each VMware vSphere Host

VMW-DGRM-vFBRC-TCSVR-107-large  vFabric Memory for Java (EM4J) enables memory to be shared dynamically among tc Server instances without sacrificing performance.  Working in concert with VMware vSphere, EM4J’s memory balloon functionality lets you create smaller virtual machines for running tc Server, and deploy more of these VMs on each vSphere host, thus squeezing maximum value from existing core hardware infrastructure. Administrators achieve greater server consolidation, which lowers the cost of hardware, service, management, maintenance, and energy. Developers gain flexibility and headroom in specifying VM capacities, shortening development time and helping ensure successful rollouts.

Increase Developer Productivity, Deliver Applications in Minutes

VMW tcServer03 DeveloperEfficiency 800x600 With built-in Spring Insight, vFabric tc Server helps to dramatically increase  development productivity, giving Java developers unparalleled insight into the performance and behavior of their Spring applications. Developers gain a deep understanding of application performance characteristics by isolating transaction traces and quickly jumping to the problematic code. Early detection, analysis and diagnosis of underperforming application areas enable developers to deliver high-performance applications 
faster than ever before.

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