VMware vFabric SQLFire

VMware vFabric SQLFire is an in-memory distributed SQL database. In the category of NewSQL databases, SQLFire delivers dynamic scalability and high performance for data-intensive modern applications.

  • Speed; 30x faster than Oracle 11g*
  • Simple scale-out
  • Standard SQL

Data in the cloud: speed, scale and SQL

VMW-DGRM-vFBRC-SQL-SPEED-SCALE-103-1024x419Add a sophisticated distributed data platform to applications that need to maintain very high performance under shifting user loads with SQLFire. Because it's based on SQL, JDBC and ADO.net standards, applications designed for traditional databases can easily incorporate SQLFire.

Standard SQL Accelerates Application Development

By incorporating an efficient SQL query engine and supporting standards including SQL, JDBC and ADO.NET, applications designed for traditional databases can easily migrate to SQLFire.

Move Data at the Speed of Memory

Eliminate disk I/O constraints and enable distributed data access. Reduce latency by moving data closer to applications.

Accommodate Application Demand with Near-Linear Scale

Distributed data enables parallel data access to more easily meet the needs of shifting user loads. SQLFire also supports global WAN connectivity and gives you the option of replicating data to remote clusters for disaster recovery.

When to consider VMware vFabric SQLFire?

When traditional database approaches have hit a performance wall, SQLFire provides applications  with fast- throughput, low latency, horizontal scalability and a consistent view of data.

*VMware Internal Study, April 2012. Results available upon request.

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