VMware vFabric RabbitMQ

vFabric RabbitMQ is an efficient, highly scalable, and easy-to-deploy queuing software that makes handling message traffic virtually effortless. RabbitMQ is portable across major operating systems and developer platforms. Unlike other messaging products, RabbitMQ is protocol-based, enabling it to connect with a vast range of other software components and making it an ideal messaging solution for cloud computing.

Enterprise Messaging Middleware for Modern Custom Web Applications

Modern web applications make extensive use of messaging, both within their own application components, as well as to connect to other services, in order to improve their scalability, flexibility, and customer experience. Without messaging, applications run at the speed of their slowest component. What messaging does is decouple application components, so that the app no longer bound by its slowest component, and components can work asynchronously and get their respective jobs done quicker.

This approach to application architecture requires a fundamentally different type of messaging software, one that is lightweight enough to embed throughout an application, easy enough to be adopted by many developers across many teams and flexible enough to integrate heterogeneous application components and systems.

vFabric RabbitMQ meets these modern application requirements, with a small disk and memory footprint, easily understood API with drivers available for multiple languages, supported on all major operating systems and developer platforms, and uses a protocol-based approach that let you integrate components built in Java, .NET, Python, PHP, Ruby, or other languages, or which are implemented as web services. Because RabbitMQ supports open, standard protocols rather than APIs, you gain choice and are not locked in to proprietary software from any one vendor.

Gain Freedom and Choice with Complete and Extensible Messaging

Eliminate your dependency on costly, proprietary commercial messaging technologies. RabbitMQ is the leading implementation of AMQP, an open-standard messaging protocol, and supports a full range of Internet protocols for lightweight messaging— including HTTP, HTTPS, STOMP, XMPP, and SMTP – enabling you to connect nearly any imaginable type of applications, components, or services.

RabbitMQ supports a wide range of messaging patterns, including point-to-point (RPC style), point-and-shoot, publish-subscribe, multicast, topics, routing, RPC, and more. All are available as durable or non-durable message types. RabbitMQ is fully extensible via a plugin mechanism to meet the needs of any use case and application environment.

Route Data to Distributed Applications throughout the Cloud

Messaging is critical to next-generation cloud-based applications built to take advantage of pools of shared infrastructure. Thanks to messaging, data can be routed between widely distributed applications independent of their physical location and operational availability. RabbitMQ is specifically designed to scale and operate in such environments, making it the cloud messaging technology of choice—endorsed by private clouds such as NASA’s Nebula infrastructure cloud, and public clouds such as Heroku and others.

Give Users Portable and Interoperable Messaging

Based on a proven platform and open standard protocols, RabbitMQ frees users from dependence on proprietary vendor-supplied libraries. Its wide protocol and platform support make RabbitMQ unique, offering customers choice and driving down the cost of integration over time.

Like traditional messaging middleware and enterprise service bus (ESB) software based on Java Messaging Service (JMS), RabbitMQ can connect Java applications and components. But unlike JMS-based messaging, RabbitMQ can connect applications and components built using completely different technologies, such as an application written in Java to one written in .NET’s C# language, a Python application to Amazon Web Services (AWS), or a Ruby app to a REST web service.

All major operating systems support RabbitMQ and over 200 client interfaces are available for languages such as Java, .NET, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, and more. The breadth of the RabbitMQ universe offers customers and developers a consistent approach to messaging across multiple stacks and platforms.

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