VMware vFabric Postgres

VMware vFabric Postgres

Lower your database TCO while increasing agility in your vSphere and vFabric environments. VMware vFabric Postgres (vPostgres) is an enterprise-class ANSI SQL relational database optimized for virtual environments. vPostgres is fully compatible with the proven, open source PostgreSQL, enabling you to leverage existing, standard PostgreSQL tools.

  • Get the proven, enterprise-class PostgreSQL database with trusted VMware support
  • Achieve agility and efficiency by leveraging vSphere and vFabric optimizations at the database tier
  • Lower database TCO through a ready-to-deploy database with Smart Configuration capabilities

Go with a Proven Enterprise-Class Database vmw-dgrm-vfbrc-postgres-architecture-800x600

Leverage the benefits of the proven, enterprise-class PostgreSQL database with trusted VMware support. PostgreSQL has a 15 year development history, a vibrant community and mission-critical enterprise implementations across industries. Customers can leverage all PostgreSQL tools and extensions with vPostgres.

  • Get all PostgreSQL 9.1.3 features
  • Leverage existing PostgreSQL tools and clients
  • Get support from VMware specialists

Get a VMware-Optimized Database

Leverage the innovations of vSphere and vFabric to significantly increase agility and efficiency at the database tier.  vPostgres can be deployed as a Virtual Appliance or RPM for Linux for easy installation.  The Smart Configuration capabilities makes it ready to deploy out of the box and reduce the need for specialized PostgreSQL knowledge. 

  • Increase memory efficiency through vSphere-integrated elastic database memory
  • Optimize database configurations using Smart Configuration over vSphere infrastructure
  • Manage deployment and lifecycle management with vFabric Data Director

Lower Your Database TCO

VMware vFabric Postgres is significantly faster to deploy, manage and scale for both production and dev/test databases. You'll also save on hardware costs due to hardware consolidation, including database memory.

  • Reduce installation time using Virtual Appliance or RPM, faster dev/test on VMware Workstation, VMware Player, and VMware Fusion
  • Consolidate hardware, including database memory
  • Reduce management time through capabilities such as Smart Configuration and vSphere-based High Availability (HA)

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