vFabric Enterprise Ready Server

Get enterprise-level performance, scalability and security while reducing the cost and complexity of sophisticated web infrastructures with VMware vFabric Enterprise Ready Server (ERS). ERS is a web server and load-balancing component of VMware vFabric and a widely distributed Apache web server package.

Gain the Advantages of Secured, Certified and Indemnified Enterprise Apache HTTP Server

Enterprise Ready Server is the most popular and comprehensive Apache web server package. Easy to deploy, tuned for performance and fully supported by VMware, ERS delivers everything the enterprise needs in a web server—and more. Thanks to Apache’s plugin module architecture, ERS is also frequently used for SSL decryption, serving PERL, PHP, and C applications, URL rewriting, FTP services and authentication and access control.

Deploy and maintain with simplicity and speed

Bring your web infrastructure up quickly by deploying multiple instances of Apache preconfigured with the customizations you need with ERS. To save maintenance time, you can patch or upgrade multiple instances at once. Give your development teams a standardized Apache build that meets your organization’s specific configuration requirements and minimizes changes required by end users. ERS is designed for easy repackaging and redistribution.

Benefit from pre-compiled, fully supported Apache HTTP Server

Avoid having to compile and maintain your own build (otherwise necessary for HPUX or AIX) and eliminate the risk of out-of-date distributions with known security vulnerabilities. ERS is pre-compiled and supported with binary patches on all major enterprise operating systems. We provide the same reliability and guaranteed binary drop-in bug and security-fix assistance for every platform we support.

Gain peace of mind through enhanced security and proactive support

Our team of experts will assist your in safeguarding your valuable web data. Because VMware employs leading Apache code committers who participate in the ASF security community, our engineers often learn of security vulnerabilities before they are made public. Whenever possible we prepare and provide a fix for our customers before the vulnerability is officially announced—you receive advance notification and gain immediate access to the binary fix or workaround. VMware also legally indemnifies your organization against IP infringement lawsuits, enabling you to stay focused on IT operations.

Deliver high availability and optimized performance

ERS is compiled aggressively for reliable high performance—reducing hardware costs and increasing throughput and up-time. Our unrivaled support team has the right specialized expertise to fine-tune Apache to meet your needs.

Key Features and Functionality

Quick Installation and Set-Up

ERS is guaranteed binary-compatible with open-source Apache HTTP, with a consistent installation process and structure across all supported operating systems. Installation is via self-extracting archive, with no requirements as to install location and no dependencies on graphics libraries.

Performance Enhancements

Our pre-compiled builds deliver up to 100% improvement in performance, yielding cost savings from extra hardware capacity and increased uptime. Quick and easy installation reduces deployment time from the typical 3 days to 30 minutes.


ERS customers receive support, alerts, patches, bug fixes and workarounds from leading Apache developers, often before security vulnerabilities are publicly announced.

Optimized SSL Management

  • Includes mod_ssl based on OpenSSL
  • Supports almost all CAs including VeriSign, Thawte, Entrust, and Equifax
  • Supports the Rainbow CryptoSwift and nCipher nFast acceleration cards

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