vFabric Application Performance Manager

Cloud computing is empowering businesses to deploy applications more quickly and at greater scale than ever before. With the infrastructure layer ready, business owners now manage the build and release of applications more directly and therefore have more accountability for the performance of these applications. To be successful, application owners need a new approach to application management that is simple to use, cloud-ready and provides the visibility and control to meet demanding performance goals.

VMware vFabric Application Performance Manager provides application owners with the real-time visibility and control they need to manage their SLAs in the cloud. Driven by VMware vFabric AppInsight, these users now have a next-generation application operations dashboard that automatically models transactions across all application tiers, providing a critical real-time perspective on the true performance of dynamically scaling applications. When performance problems do occur, powerful visualizations and drill-down details, such as correlated metrics on resource performance from VMware vFabric Hyperic and byte code instrumentation make it easy to identify root cause and take actions at the code level to fix problems quickly—all within a single management console.

Today’s cloud-based application owners are charged to manage application performance in a near constant state of change caused by frequent application updates and dynamic scaling to match demand and maintain cost. To be successful, they need a management tool that helps them to actively manage their applications—a single pane of glass that automatically keeps pace with application changes, makes it easy to interpret application-level performance and provides direct access to fix problems. Built with native support and integration into VMware virtualization and infrastructure management products, vFabric Application Performance Manager provides the essential perspective, automation and control to manage virtualized and cloud-based applications.

Simple to Use

Intelligent automation and an easy-to-use interface dramatically reduces the complexity and manual effort needed to manage dynamic applications at scale. Auto-discovery provides a real-time picture of all the software components and transaction paths, even in times of scale-out or scale-down. Intelligent metric data collection averages key performance indicators (KPIs) such as transaction times, throughput and latency to create an overall health score that provides early warning for building performance problems. When problems do arise, powerful visualizations with detailed graphical and tabular views of transaction, infrastructure and code performance as well as error and log detail help users to quickly identify and correct the root cause.

Converged Performance Perspective

Manage your applications as the business sees it. High-level dashboards provide a real-time picture of application health-automatically prioritizing the size and severity of application slow-downs, making it easy for application owners to recognize which applications require attention. While drill-down views provide visibility into code level performance for transaction calls, method calls, infrastructure performance metrics including log detail and events such as a vMotion or a user logging onto the server. Correlated by time, this multi-level perspective provides a common language that helps operations and development teams collaborate to zoom in and identify root cause quickly and move onto remediation. Additionally, with native support for VMware vSphere and vCenter infrastructure management tools, organizations can create sophisticated workflows to provide true closed-loop management across application and virtual infrastructure management teams.

Support Applications on Any Cloud

Built from the ground up to be virtualization and cloud aware, VMware vFabric Application Performance Manager is able to track real-time changes transaction patterns and inventory, even keeping up with the starting, stopping and moving of virtual machines. A fully extensible, standards based framework allows applications to incorporate any software resource under management quickly, giving application owners complete freedom of choice for how to best construct and deploy their applications to best serve their customers. Additionally, integration with vCenter Chargeback Manager tracks cost information so application owners can better rationalize application costs with demands to scale-out or scale-down with demand.

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