vFabric Application Director

Automated Provisioning for Applications in the Cloud

Accelerate and automate the configuration and deployment of multi-tier applications. VMware vFabric™ Application Director is a cloud-enabled application provisioning solution that simplifies how to create and standardize application deployment topologies across cloud services. Application Director is optimized for vFabric components, but is extensible to other components that may be a part of your Spring application.

Starting with an intuitive drag-and-drop canvas, application architects can quickly create complete deployment blueprints—visual deployment topologies—that can be saved and later deployed onto any cloud with fine-grained control over installation dependencies, configuration changes and editable scripts. When combined with VMware vFabric Application Performance Manager, achieve Active Application Management for all applications deployed in virtualized and cloud environments.

Application Provisioning for Hybrid Clouds

Application development is evolving faster than ever in the cloud. Daily updates on functionality, hourly changes in scale, and a constant pressure of user demand creates a near constant rate of change that challenges application owners. Cloud computing provides application owners with instant access to infrastructure, however building out applications still requires administrators to individually install and configure application components on each virtual machine to plug into the application architecture. In today’s cloud era, organizations need a better approach to accelerate application deployment across cloud environments. vFabric Application Director provides the automation and orchestration needed to streamline provisioning of complex applications across any cloud service.

Easy to Use

Separate from cloud infrastructure provisioning tools, application architects now have an easy way to model applications for cloud. Starting with a drag-and-drop canvas, architects construct an application blueprint for deployment that can be used on any cloud. With virtual machine templates pulled directly from the standardized cloud provider library, and an extensible catalog of ready-to-use application infrastructure components and scripts, it takes just minutes to compose your application deployment topology, create dependencies, and edit configurations to finalize your execution plan, save it and deploy at will.

Native Virtualization and Cloud Support

Built by the leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, VMware vFabric Application Director was designed from the ground up to be a smarter, easier way for application owners to plan and provision their application topologies in cloud environments. Working directly with cloud infrastructure provisioning tools like VMware vCloud Director, application owners utilize infrastructure services provided to them to add application software and configuration to complete their application deployment plan.

Automation and Orchestration for Provisioning

VMware vFabric Application Director provides organizations the fine-grained control and intelligent deployment automation they need to realize the full promise of cloud computing. Graphical deployment topologies generate comprehensive deployment execution plans—complete with organized workflow and dependencies—that orchestrate how applications are provisioned. An open system, organizations can further automate deployment using a command line interface (CLI) to allow their continuous build systems to automatically generate and deploy an application, streamlining the build to deployment process.


  • Drag-and-drop canvas for creating visual blueprints of application deployment topologies
  • Intuitive point-and-click style user interface drills down to customize scripts and over-ride configurations directly on the application blueprint, as well as executes deployments with the click of a button
  • Direct integration to cloud provider catalog for selecting virtual machine templates as the foundational components to build and deploy applications
  • A customizable catalog, pre-populated with standard application components and scripts, organizes all your application building blocks for easy reuse when constructing new application topologies

Cloud Ready

  • True separation between applications and infrastructure means the same blueprint can be reused on multiple virtual and cloud infrastructures
  • Language agnostic approach means any type of application infrastructure component can be added to the catalog and deployed and updated with ease
  • Version control for application blueprints help standardize applications and allow organizations to reuse deployment plans on multiple clouds
  • Deployment profiles govern settings such as cloud templates, networks and application configuration values allowed for use in specific deployment environments
  • Automatically generated deployment execution plans help application release teams to perform quality and compliance reviews before deployments are executed for regulated applications

Automated and Orchestrated Application Provisioning

  • Organized workflow and dependencies creates highly orchestrated deployment execution plans that can adapt to any cloud, any application requirement or any IT compliance policy
  • Execute stored scripts to install, configure, start, and stop applications and application infrastructure components
  • Integrate with continuous build systems and release automation tools via an open command-line-interface (CLI) further streamlines the entire build to release process
  • Native integration with VMware vCloud Director automates the deployment of virtual infrastructure alongside application deployment

Automatically publishes deployment changes to vFabric Application Performance Manager making it easy keep a real-time performance perspective on the overall health and availability of your business critical applications

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