VMware vCloud Director

Accelerate Provisioning on Shared Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Deliver cloud infrastructure on-demand so end users can consume virtual resources with maximum agility with VMware vCloud Director. Consolidate datacenters and deploy workloads on shared infrastructure with built-in security and role-based access control. Migrate workloads between different clouds and integrate existing management systems using customer extensions, APIs, and open cross-cloud standards.

Consolidate your Private Cloud Computing Infrastructure Across Clusters

Accelerate the delivery and consumption of IT services while maintaining the security and control of the datacenter.  Built on top of VMware vSphere virtualization, VMware vCloud Director enables the consolidation of virtual infrastructure across multiple clusters, the encapsulation of application services as portable vApps, the deployment of those services on-demand with isolation and control.  

End users experience unprecedented responsiveness and agility, while IT reduces costs through increased consolidation, task automation and simplified management.  IT services can be deployed across private clouds, public clouds or both, providing the ability to scale quickly while maintaining control and minimizing risk. With VMware vCloud Director, IT becomes a service provider for the business, with all of the security and control of the existing datacenter.

Deliver Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with Private Cloud Computing

vmware dgrm vcloud director security 800x600Manage resources more efficiently by logically pooling infrastructure capacity into policy-based  virtual datacenters.  VMware vCloud Director integrates with existing VMware vSphere deployments and extends capabilities like Distributed  Resource Scheduler (DRS) and vNetwork Distributed Switch, to provide elastic compute, storage and networking interfaces across multiple clusters. Using virtual datacenters built on top of vSphere, VMware vCloud Director enable resources to be provisioned without the need for repeated configuration or significant maintenance.

Simplify the management of virtual networks by managing VLAN and portgroup capacity in the form of network pools. Create Layer 2 network segments on the fly that can flexibly be connected to external networks, fenced using NATing and firewalls, or completely isolated from external connectivity.  Ensure secure multi-tenancy using vShield Edge technology to isolate and protect virtual datacenters.

Enable Portability of Services with a Hybrid Cloud

Package and migrate workloads between clouds using open VMW DGRM vCloud Director Build Private Cloud R1 800x600standards like the vCloud API and Open Virtualization Format (OVF).  By encapsulating multi-VM services and the associated networking policies into vApps, end users of one cloud can easily share services with one another, and IT can perform migrations with ease.

Trigger vApp operations with custom notifications in VMware vCloud Director to enable integration with existing management systems like request/approval workflow.  VMware vCloud Director enables you to customize your cloud infrastructure to meet your unique business requirements and provides the freedom of choice to deploy IT services in an enterprise hybrid cloud.

Consume Infrastructure as a Service with Agility

Deploy services and consume resources on-demand through a web portal rather than filing consume-infrastructure-as-a-service-with-agility-800x600 service desk tickets and waiting in queues. End users store their most frequently used vApp  configurations in catalogs that enable  sharing and collaboration across users in an organization.  At deployment time, VMware vCloud Director can automatically detect provisioning of a vApp template that has already been deployed and rapidly provision a clone using VMware’s unique Linked Clone technology.  vShield Edge technology built-in to VMware vCloud Director delivers advanced routing functionality like DHCP and NAT that enables multiple end users to deploy identical vApp configurations connected to the external network without any network collision.

IT teams can leverage multiple resource allocation models to govern consumption, ranging from pay-as-you-go to a fixed reserved models.  Service deployment in VMware vCloud Director can be metered and monitored with VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager, ensuring accountability for resource usage. Ultimately, IT organizations maintain control with permissions, quotas and leases governed by role-based access controls that leverage existing LDAP directory services.

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