VMware SRM: Site Recovery Manager

Expand disaster protection to all your applications and smaller sites with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM). Reduce the cost of disaster recovery by consolidating your recovery infrastructure and using cost-efficient vSphere Replication.

Simplify management of disaster recovery with centralized recovery plans. Ensure fast and reliable recovery with automated DR failovers and failbacks, non-disruptive testing and planned migrations.

 Choose the Best Replication Option to Meet Your Needs

best replication option thumb Leverage vSphere Replication for simple, cost-efficient replication:
  • Eliminate the need for identical high-end storage arrays across sites
  • Manage replication directly through vCenter Server, at a more granular and flexible 'virtual machine' level
Use storage-based replication for large, business-critical environments:
  • Choose from a wide variety of storage-based replication products
  • Ensure coordinated recovery with tight integration between storage arrays and Site Recovery Manager

Replace Error-Prone Runbooks with Simple Automated Recovery Plans

simple automated recovery thumb Traditional disaster recovery runbooks are complex and quickly get out of sync with evolving IT configurations. Replace your manual runbooks with centralized recovery plans managed directly from VMware vCenter Server.
  • Capture the complete recovery process in a simple, centralized recovery plan
  • Simplify set up of recovery plans by automating many of the traditional recovery steps
  • Fulfill compliance requirements with documented recovery plans and test results

 Meet RTO Objectives with Automated DR Failover and Non-Disruptive Testing

non disruptive testing thumb Traditional site failovers often fail to meet their Response Time Objectives (RTOs), due to manual processes and out-of-date runbooks. Ensure fast and reliable recovery and meet your RTO objectives by automating the failover process and testing your failover plans frequently.
  • Automate the failover process and eliminate the risk inherent in manual processes
  • Perform failover testing without impacting production systems

 Streamline Planned Migrations and Preventive Failovers

streamlined planned migration thumb Execute preventive failovers to avoid imminent disasters and planned migrations for global load balancing or to avoid downtime due to upcoming maintenance windows. Streamline routine migrations with planned migration and automated failback.
  • Ensure zero data loss and application consistent recovery for planned migrations
  • Automate failback of virtual machines to their initial production site for more efficient routine migrations

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