vCenter Operations Management Suite

Performance, capacity and configuration management are becoming inseparable due to the dynamic nature of converged infrastructure. Traditional tools and processes designed for siloed, static physical infrastructures don’t provide the automation and control you need to effectively manage highly virtualized and private cloud environments. VMware vCenter Operations is tightly integrated with VMware vSphere and designed for dynamic environments to dramatically simplify and automate Operations Management. Our integrated approach uses patented analytics to provide the intelligence and visibility needed to proactively ensure service levels, reduce risk of downtime and optimize your environment for efficiency and cost. VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite is designed for VMware vSphere and built for Cloud to dramatically simplify and automate operations management.

Automate performance, capacity, and configuration management with patented analytics and an integrated approach to management. Eliminate the finger pointing, improve team collaboration and reduce manual problem solving efforts by as much as 40% with automated root cause analysis.

Proactively Manage Performance across the Entire Infrastructure

Get proactive warning of performance issues and capacity shortfalls before problems affect end users. Real-time performance dashboards let you meet SLAs by pinpointing building performance issues before end users notice. Optimize your infrastructure for efficiency and minimize risk of performance across your entire infrastructure, both virtual and physical.

Gain Comprehensive Visibility and Manage Compliance with Cloud Automation

Gain better visibility into planned and unplanned configuration changes and remediate unwanted changes to ensure operational and regulatory compliance.  Manage compliance automatically with out-of-the-box configuration templates. Ensure compliance with policy control and integrated smart alerts across both virtual and physical aspects of your datacenter infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Operations Management Dashboard provides comprehensive views into health, risk and efficiency scores of your cloud infrastructure. Quickly drill down to see what’s causing current workload conditions, pinpoint potential problems in the future and identify areas with inefficient use of resources.
  • Correlation of Performance and Change Events inside the guest operating system enable administrators to quickly understand and remediate performance issues arising from configuration changes. 
  • Compliance Checking of vSphere Hosts allow administrators to maintain a compliant infrastructure and automated the hardening of vSphere hosts with pre-built security and compliance guidelines.
  •  Smart Alerts provide pro-active notifications of building health, performance and capacity issues in the environment. Automated root cause analysis identifies the offending metric across all layers of the infrastructure. 
  • Capacity Planning, Reporting and Optimization views help administrators optimize VM density; identify areas of reclaimable waste and chronic capacity shortfalls. Configurable alerts notify of changing capacity conditions in production and non-production areas.
  • Integrated Cost Metering and Reporting capabilities provide visibility into the financial value of consumed resources and enable administrators to optimize provisioned capacity for lowest cost without sacrificing performance.
  • Discovery and Visualization of Application and Infrastructure Dependencies bring application-level awareness to infrastructure and operations teams to ensure service levels and disaster recovery protection for all critical application services. Application components and version numbers are named automatically and updated continuously.

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