Maestro Memory Software Suite

Violin Maestro brings the Speed of Memory to applications running on legacy storage environments with a comprehensive suite of Memory Services. With hardware optimization driven by Violin Memory Appliances, Maestro provides immediate application acceleration through Memory Tiering and risk-freetransition to an all-silicon data center.


Real-time Memory Tiering

Accelerate your applications with real-time Memory Tiering provided by Maestro. With a memory-centric approach, Maestro allows the transparent and dynamic tiering of application data between Memory Tier and disk storage. Powered by hardware-accelerated Bayesian profiling algorithms, Maestro rapidly learns the application I/O profiles and builds heuristics to pre-fetch data into the Memory Tier before the application asks for it. With more than 90% of the data serviced from the Memory Tier, Maestro delivers immediate acceleration of up to 10x for your business-critical applications.

Immediate Acceleration

Maestro extends Violin’s Memory IP to legacy storage arrays and delivers Speed of Memory with your existing infrastructure. Delivered through a hardware-accelerated Memory Appliance form factor, Maestro can be seamlessly deployed in any storage configuration. The appliance slides in as a transparent Fibre Channel proxy, bringing Maestro’s Enterprise Memory Services without any downtime to your applications and without requiring any changes to your storage operations such as replication and backup.

Transparent Migration

Migrate between heterogenous storage arrays or from disk to flash with the full speed of Maestro’s Memory-based data movement algorithms. Seamlessly deployed between the application servers and the storage arrays, Maestro software can transparently migrate data between storage arrays without any disruption to the applications. With support for all leading storage arrays, Maestro provides a flexible and cost-effective solution to handle all your data migration needs.

Disaster Protection

Worried that your business-critical data is prone to disruption, in the event of a disaster? Maestro comes to your rescue with comprehensive data protection through memory speed mirroring between data centers. With the ability to mirror between any pair of storage arrays, Maestro gives you full flexibility to use the storage array of your choice. And while your data is getting protected with a mirrored copy at a different data center, your applications are automatically getting accelerated through Maestro’s Memory Tiering.

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