Open Source Technology

Open source technology has fueled collaboration and innovation in the security industry. Marked by accelerated development and a community of experts that continually review, test and propose improvements, these technologies deliver high-quality, affordable solutions.

Sourcefire has an enduring commitment to the open source security community and is a leader in open source security technology. Sourcefire manages some of the world's most respected open source security projects including Snort®, open source intrusion prevention and detection technology, ClamAV®, open source antivirus and anti-malware technology, and RazorBack™ a platform for complex threat detection. These solutions help form the foundation of the company’s commercial product offerings.

SnortSnort – The De Facto Standard for Intrusion Detection and Prevention
The Snort open source intrusion detection and prevention technology was created in 1998 by Martin Roesch, the founder of Sourcefire®. Snort uses a rule-driven language which combines the benefits of signature, protocol and anomaly-based inspection methods. With its dramatic speed, power and performance, Snort quickly gained momentum. With nearly 4 million downloads to date, Snort has become the single most widely deployed intrusion detection and prevention technology in the world.

ClamAVClamAV – Setting the Standard for Open Source Antivirus and Anti-malware Solutions
Founded in 2002, ClamAV is one of the most commonly used open source antivirus and anti-malware products in the world. Nearly one million unique IP addresses download ClamAV updates daily from 120 mirror servers located in 38 countries. Renowned for its speed and accuracy, ClamAV has been adopted by network security solution and service providers worldwide and is currently integrated within leading enterprise solutions—including Secure Web Gateways, Secure Mail Gateways and other multi-function security devices—to identify deeply embedded threats such as viruses, trojans, spyware, and other forms of malware.

Razorback – Advancing Complex Threat Detection and Protection
Created by the Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team (VRT), the Razorback detection platform pushes the envelope in complex threat detection and helps security analysts identify APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) indicators. Razorback was designed from the ground up to allow security analysts and researchers to quickly add new detection content and deep analytic modules to the platform to identify and analyze vast amounts of security data in today’s large networks. Any security team can use this open source project to help investigate unknown files, network traffic, or any type of data that might be suspicious, and, if malicious, gain insight into what the threat does and how it works. Razorback allows security analysts everywhere to remain agile in their network defenses and rapidly close the gap between compromise and detection.

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