You can't protect what you can't see. Network security solutions that are configured to standard “default” policies are blind to changes on the network. As new systems and applications emerge, most security systems won't even notice, let alone respond. Network behavior—such as unexpected connections and sessions, an important sign of a possible breach—passes unnoticed.

Sourcefire is different. We realized long ago that in order to be agile and provide required protection, security solutions need total network visibility, including physical and virtual hosts, operating systems, applications, services, protocols, users, content, network behavior as well as network attacks and malware.

Sourcefire FireSIGHT technology is built into all Sourcefire next-generation security solutions—NGIPS and NGFW—to provide the network intelligence and "context" you need to respond to changing conditions and threats. The visibility and automation provided by FireSIGHT technology make networks more secure and reduce operational costs.

Sampling of FireSIGHT Detection

The Power of FireSIGHT Technology—Control in Context

  • Optimize defenses and system performance by automating protection policy updates based on network changes
  • Reduce the number of "actionable" security events by up to 99% by correlating threats against target operating systems and applications and their inherent vulnerabilities
  • Know instantly who to contact when an internal host is affected by a client-side attack
  • Be alerted when a host violates a configuration policy or attempts to access and unauthorized system
  • Detect the spread of malware by baselining “normal” network traffic and detecting network anomalies

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