FirePOWER Technology

Living in the world of cybersecurity is tough. Threats are growing, and the good guys are often out-gunned. With attack vectors becoming more sophisticated and network bandwidth exploding, you find yourself in need of smarter security appliances and greater throughput. Unfortunately the more appliances you buy, the more power and rack space you’re consuming. It’s expensive, and you’d like to make sure your network is running as efficiently as possible. How can security solutions manage these seemingly contradictory requirements?

Unmatched PerformanceConsider a technology that delivers unmatched performance—industry-leading performance capable of supporting the most demanding networks with <150µs latency.

Energy EfficientWhat if you could have this unmatched performance packed into an energy-efficient security solution with more processing power and throughput per rack unit so you can do more with less?

Universal Security ArchitectureWhat if this technology also gave you a universal security architecture, with the capability to deliver and accelerate any network security technology you need:

  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
  • Next-generation IPS (NGIPS) with contextual awareness
  • Next-generation firewall (NGFW)
  • And more!

Introducing FirePOWER Technology from Sourcefire
FirePOWER is a unique technology that supports a range of Sourcefire security solutions with unmatched performance and energy efficiency.Learn more:

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