Sourcefire Virtual Appliances

Virtualization, with its promises of reduced operating costs, increased flexibility, and environmental benefits, has become a high priority for many organizations. But too often, efforts to fully take advantage of virtual technologies are constrained by security concerns. Traditional intrusion detection/intrusion prevention (IDS/IPS) products can protect the perimeter of virtual networks, but they lack visibility into, and are unable to establish control points within, the virtual infrastructure. Sourcefire overcomes these barriers with a comprehensive virtual network security solution delivering IPS capabilities along with a virtual management console.

Sourcefire Virtual 3D Sensor™

Sourcefire’s Virtual 3D Sensor extends the 3D System to the far corners of the network, where IT security resources don’t exist or the deployment of physical 3D Sensors is impractical (e.g., retail locations, remote offices). It also provides the capability to inspect VM-to-VM communications, providing full IPS capabilities to protect VMware-based virtual networks. The Virtual 3D Sensor offers support for inspection of network traffic at speeds up to 500Mbps. In addition to its IPS capabilities, the virtual appliance—just like a physical Sourcefire 3D® Sensor—can also support Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS) contextual awareness and intelligent automation capabilities.

Sourcefire Virtual Defense Center™

Similar in performance to Sourcefire’s physical Defense Center management console, the Sourcefire Virtual Defense Center provides management capabilities for up to 25 physical or virtual 3D Sensors. Functionality is identical to Sourcefire’s physical Defense Center appliances, providing aggregation and monitoring of events in a central facility, powerful reports and alerts, a customizable portal-like dashboard, and centralized policy management.

Flexible Deployment Options

The Virtual 3D Sensor and Virtual Defense Center offer complete flexibility in deployment. Virtual 3D Sensors can be deployed as a stand-alone solution protecting the virtual network, or intermingled with physical sensors and Defense Center appliances. Virtual 3D Sensors can be fully controlled by either physical or virtual Defense Centers, and the Virtual Defense Center manages both physical and virtual appliances.

Sourcefire Virtual Defense Center can manage up to 25 physical and/or virtual 3D Sensors.

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