Sourcefire 3D8140

The Sourcefire 3D8140 appliance marry an extensible platform with the industry’s fastest and most accurate IPS inspection to fit into your network today and in the future.

Sourcefire 3D8140

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At the heart of the new 3D8000 Series appliances lies the breakthrough FirePOWER™ acceleration technology, providing market-leading performance with greater energy efficiency.

Sourcefire 3D8260 Next-closes competitor
NSS Labs-tested, Real-world Throughput 34Gbps 11.5Gbps
Price/Mbps-Protected $15 $33
Annual Energy Cost/Mbps $0.04 $0.06
Gbps/Rack Unit 8.5Gbps 2.9Gbps

NSS Labs tested the flagship Sourcefire 3D8260 with real-world traffic mixes and practical IPS policies applied. This sensor delivered 34Gbps of real-world throughput, more than doubling the throughput of the next nearest NSS Labs-tested competitor and also taking the lead in cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. Plus, the Sourcefire IPS™ is ranked number one in default and tuned detection effectiveness.

Flexibility for growth

Easily Change Interface Configuration

Instead of the usual fixed port configuration of most high-end security appliances, the modularity of the 3D8000 Series appliances enables you to choose and change the number and type of interfaces for the appliance. Various Network Modules (NetMods) are inserted into the 3D8000 Series appliances to customize the interface configuration that is right for your network. NetMods are available with integrated fail open/bypass capabilities in the following options:

  • 1Gbps 4 port copper
  • 1Gbps 4 port fiber
  • 40Gbps 2 port fiber SR40
  • 10Gbps 2 port fiber SR
  • 10Gbps 2 port fiber LR

This approach gives you a low entry price and a simple upgrade path. For those needing 1Gbps copper ports today, but have a 10Gbps fiber migration path in the future, this modular approach gives you the option to simply swap out a NetMod and have exactly what you need to fit your network at all times. With up to seven NetMod slots per chassis, the 3D8000 Series appliances offer industry-leading port density.

Boost Throughput up to 4x

TheThe 3D8000 Series appliances offer additional flexibility to grow with your network throughput demands by stacking.

  • 3D8140: Stack two of these appliances to double throughput
  • 3D8250: Stack up to four appliances to grow throughput performance in 10Gbps increments—delivering up to a total of 40Gbps of IPS inspection

With flexible options like these, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected for the long-term.

Sourcefire Performance & Functionality

Sourcefire Model 3D8120 3D8130 3D8140
IPS Throughput* 2Gbps 4Gbps 6Gbps
Model Throughput 4Gbps 8Gbps 10Gbps
Modular Interfaces Yes - Up to 3 modules in any
Yes - Up to 3 modules in any
Yes - Up to 3 modules in any
Montoring Interfaces (4) 1Gbps copper; (4) 1Gbps fiber;
(2) 10Gbps SR; (2) 10Gbps LR
(4) 1Gbps copper; (4) 1Gbps fiber;
(2) 10Gbps SR; (2) 10Gbps LR
(4) 1Gbps copper; (4) 1Gbps fiber;
(2) 10Gbps SR; (2) 10Gbps LR
Management Interfaces RJ45 RJ45 RJ45
Management Interface Speed 10/100/1000 10/100/1000 10/100/1000
Typical Latency < 150 microsoconds < 150 microsoconds < 150 microsoconds
Memory (RAM) 24 GB 24 GB 24 GB
Lights Out Management Yes Yes Yes
Stackable No No 1 Stacking kit can be added for a
total stack size of two - 12Gbps IPS
FirePOWER™ Yes Yes Yes
Dual Power Supplies Yes Yes Yes
Hard Drives Solid State Solid State Solid State
Cooling Fans 10 10 10

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