Sourcefire 3D7110

The Sourcefire 3D7110 Series appliances perfectly complement the higher throughput 3D8000 Series appliances from Sourcefire. Providing feature parity across the complete appliance range, the 3D7000 Series and 3D8000 Series enable you to deploy security appliances based on the needs of the network link, not supplemental features. This eliminates over-buying while still achieving standardized features and management ease.

Sourcefire 3D7110

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FIREPower™ Performance

Just because a network link may be slower doesn’t mean the data it carries is any less critical. Sourcefire understands this and has included FirePOWER technology across the complete 3D7000 Series appliance range. FirePOWER is the Sourcefire universal security architecture that delivers best-in-class performance, availability, reliability, and low-latency security.


In the 3D7000 Series appliances, the best technology and features are not reserved for only the most expensive models. Gain features such as redundant power supplies, low-latency inspection, and lights out management without having to buy a model with more throughput than you need.

Sourcefire 3D7000 Model 3D7110 3D7120
IPS Throughput* 500Mbps 1Gbps
FirePower Yes Yes
Modular Interfaces No No
Monitoring Interfaces (8) 1Gbps copper; (8) 1Gbps fiber SR (8) 1Gbps copper; (8) 1Gbps fiber SR
Programmable Fail Open Interfaces Yes Yes
Management Interfaces RJ45 RJ45
Management Interface Speed 10/100/1000 10/100/1000
Typical Latency < 150 microseconds < 150 microseconds
Memory (RAM) 16GB 16GB
Lights Out Management Yes Yes
Stackable No No
Dual Power Supplies Yes Yes
Cooling Fans 5 5

*Exact network performance experienced will vary depending on conditions outside of the control of
Sourcefire, including the protocol mix and average packet size inspected.

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