Sourcefire is a world leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions. Our flagship family of intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) lies at the heart of our security solutions portfolio. We offer a range of IPS solutions as well as several complementary products to protect your network.

Sourcefire 3D7000 Series

The 3D7000 Series appliances perfectly complement the higher throughput 3D8000 Series appliances from Sourcefire.

  • Up to 1.25 Gbps IPS Throughput

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Sourcefire 3D8000 Series

The 3D8000 Series appliances marry an extensible platform with the industry’s fastest and most accurate IPS inspection to fit into your network today and in the future.

  • Up to 40 Gbps IPS Throughput
  • Model Throughput: 40 Gbps

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Sourcefire Defense Center

This management console provides a powerful, easy-to-use interface for categorizing events, generating recurring reports, scheduling automated Snort rule updates, configuring policies, and displaying customizable dashboards to quickly communicate sensor feedback.

  • Manage up to 150 Sensors
  • Up to 150 Million IPS Event Storage

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Sourcefire Product Overview

Sourcefire’s extensive portfolio of cybersecurity protection products and services includes a complete family of appliance and cloud-based solutions.

 FirePower 8300 Series Appliances 8350 8360 8370 8390

Stackable with network modularity delivering the highest-performance and flexibility for the most demanding  networks.

15Gb/s 30Gb/s 45Gb/s 60Gb/s
 FirePower 8200 Series Appliances 8250 8260 8270 8290

Stackable with network modularity delivering the highest-performance and flexibility for the most demanding  networks.

10Gb/s 20Gb/s 30Gb/s 40Gb/s
 FirePower 8100 Series Appliances 8120 8130 8140*

Network modularity delivering performance and flexibility for demanding and growing networks.

*8140 is stackable 2x

2Gb/s 4Gb/s 6Gb/s
 FirePower 7100 Series Appliances 7110 7115 7120 7125

Delivers enterprise performance in a fixed-interface (7110/20) or flexible mixed-media (7115/25) design.

500Mb/s 750Mb/s 1Gb/s 1.25Gb/s
 FirePower 7000 Series Appliances 7010 7020 7030

Space- and energy-efficient appliances with fixed-interface design.

50Mb/s 100Mb/s 250Mb/s
 FireAmp Advanced Malware Protection FireAmp FireAmp Mobile FireAmp Virtual

Discover, understand and stop threats missed by other security layers. Remediate malware outbreaks retrospectively.

Windows Android VMware

 Sourcefire SSL Appliances

SSL 1500 SSL 2000 SSL 8200

Enable encrypted traffic inspection transparently
to Sourcefire and other security functions
forgoing typical performance impacts.

4Gb/s total

10Gb/s total

20Gb/s total

 FireSight Defense Center Appliances DC750 DC1500 DC3500

Provide central, hierarchical command/control,
alerting and reporting for Sourcefire physical
or virtual appliances.

Manage up to 10 appliances Manage up to 35 appliances Manage up to 150 appliances
 Sourcefire Virtual Appliances Virtual Appliances Management Center

Inspect traffic between virtual machines (VMs)
and manage appliances at remote sites where
resources may be limited. Supports VMware,
Red Hat (RHEV) and Xen platforms.

Varies based on
allocated resources

Manage up to 25
virtual or physical

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