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Convergence is here. Let’s get started.

The time to converge is now, and NDM can help. NDM Converged Infrastructure solutions tackles any workload at any scale, can deploy in as few as 20 days, and easily integrates into your existing data center infrastructure. The result? Streamlined, more efficient IT that sets innovation free.

Move forward with choice and control

Realizing the full value of IT convergence requires choice of deployment model and openness, along with a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products, integrated systems, and services based on common architectures. These innovations must be engineered to integrate with your existing infrastructure, openly with intuitive management.

At NDM, we understand our customers are at different stages of convergence in their IT infrastructure evolution. Our solutions are tightly aligned with our customers’ business requirements. We offer a flexible approach to realize business value. Customers can choose either a fast-track approach, or a step-by-step approach with our portfolio of integrated solutions.

Step-by-step approach

Build upon your existing IT infrastructure with converged solutions that deliver value today while also preparing for tomorrow. NDM Converged Infrastructure solutions enable you to take a step-by-step approach with technologies engineered for convergence.

Fast-track approach

NDM has the most-comprehensive portfolio of integrated systems available today. Each system is tested and designed to condense months of planning, procurement, and deployment into weeks. Each solution is optimized and ready to run your top initiatives in cloud, virtualization, and collaboration from day one.