Operational Intelligence

Actionable Visibility, Insight and Intelligence From Machine Data

Splunk Enterprise transforms machine data into real-time operational intelligence. It enables organizations to monitor, search, analyze, visualize and act on the massive streams of machine data generated by the websites, applications, servers, networks, mobile and other devices that power the business.

Machine-generated data is one of the fastest growing, most complex areas of big data. It's also one of the most valuable, containing a definitive record of all user transactions, customer behavior, machine behavior, security threats, fraudulent activity and more.

More than 7,900 customers in over 100 countries use Splunk to harness the power of their machine data for application management, IT operations, security, compliance, digital intelligence and business analytics. With Splunk Enterprise they achieve new levels of visibility and insights that benefit IT and the business.

Splunk Enterprise is available as a free download. Try it on your laptop and then deploy it to your datacenter or cloud environment. Or sign up for Splunk Cloud to get started with the cloud service. Either way, you'll be up and running with an easy-to-use web interface and powerful enterprise platform for analyzing your machine data.

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What's Different About Machine Data?

All websites, communications, networking and complex IT infrastructures generate massive streams of machine data every second of every day, in an array of unpredictable formats that are difficult to process and analyze by traditional methods or in a timely manner.

This machine-generated data holds critical information on user behavior, security risks, capacity consumption, service levels, fraudulent activity, customer experience and much more. This is why it's the fastest growing, most complex and most valuable segment of big data.

Splunk was founded to focus on the challenges and opportunities of effectively managing massive amounts of machine-generated big data. Splunk software provides a unified way to organize and to extract actionable insights from the massive amounts of machine data generated across diverse sources.

Operational Intelligence Data Sources

Delivering Operational Intelligence

Here's how using Splunk and your machine data can drive significant benefits for your organization.

Search and Investigation

Using Splunk Enterprise, organizations identify and resolve issues up to 70% faster and reduce costly escalations by up to 90%. Find and fix problems and investigate incidents across all your IT systems and infrastructure--your applications, websites, servers, networks, virtual machines, security devices and more. This alone eliminates much of the "human latency" experienced in the trenches.

Proactive Monitoring

Monitor your IT systems and infrastructure in real time to identify issues, problems and attacks before they impact your customers, services and revenue. Splunk Enterprise keeps watch of specific patterns, trends and thresholds in your machine-generated data so you don't have to. Trigger notifications in real time via email or RSS, execute a script to take remedial actions, send an SNMP trap to your system management console or generate a service desk ticket.

Operational Intelligence Business Insights

Operational Visibility

See the whole picture, track performance and make better decisions. Visualize usage trends to better plan for capacity, spot SLA infractions and track how you are being measured by the business. Do all of this using your existing machine data without spending millions of dollars instrumenting your IT infrastructure.

Real-time Business Insight

Make better-informed business decisions by understanding trends, patterns and gaining operational intelligence from your machine-generated data. See the success of new online services by channel or demographic, reconcile third-party service provider fees against actual use, find your heaviest users and heaviest abusers, and more. Because machine data captures every behavior, the possibilities are game changing. You'll find the lead times to get to this intelligence dramatically less than other solutions--measured in hours instead of months.

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