Hunk™ for Hadoop and NoSQL Data Stores

Explore, Analyze and Visualize Data Faster Than You Thought Possible

Whether you're using Hadoop or NoSQL data stores, getting value and insights out of your data is difficult. Traditional analytics tools aren't designed for the diversity and size of big data sets. And your data's becoming too big to move to separate in-memory analytics stores. In short, gaining meaningful insight can often take months and require specialized skills.

Hunk goes beyond typical data analysis methods and gives you the power to explore, analyze and visualize data, all from one integrated platform that you can use in minutes, not months. With Hunk, you can manage risks, achieve more comprehensive security for modern threats, and inform product management and quality assurance. Detect patterns and find anomalies across terabytes or petabytes of raw data without fixed schemas, specialized resources or moving data to a separate in-memory store.

Big data doesn't have to be a science project. Whether this is your first Hadoop or NoSQL cluster, or your organization runs production clusters with thousands of nodes, Hunk delivers dramatic improvements in the speed and simplicity of getting insights from big data.

Hunk connects to Apache Hadoop and the leading Hadoop distributions, including Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Cloudera CDH, Hortonworks Data Platform, IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, MapR M series and Pivotal HD. Visit Splunk Apps for prepackaged Hunk connections to Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, Sqrrl for Apache Accumulo, and other data stores.

Integrated Analytics Platform

Hunk brings Splunk software's industry-proven big data analytics stack to your data in Hadoop, NoSQL and other data stores. Analyze data, create dashboards and share reports from one integrated platform. Simply point Hunk at your Hadoop cluster or NoSQL streaming resource library and start exploring data and gaining value immediately. Interactively query raw data by pausing and refining searches. Accelerate reporting response times by transparently caching search results. Quickly create and share charts, graphs and dashboards.

Integrated Analytics Platform for Data in Hadoop Diagram

Splunk Virtual Index™ Technology

The Splunk Virtual Index decouples the data storage tier from the data access and analytics tiers, so that Hunk can transparently route requests to different data stores. Hunk uses this foundational patent-pending technology to enable seamless interactive exploration, analysis and visualization for data stored in Hadoop. You can create multiple virtual indexes that extend across one or more Hadoop and NoSQL clusters. Virtual indexes contain pointers to the data, such as assigning all files in a directory as an index, so you can prune partitions for faster search performance.

Splunk Virtual Index Technology

Powerful Developer Environment for Building Big Data Apps

Developers can integrate data and functionality from Hunk into enterprise big data applications using the Splunk web framework, documented REST API, Eclipse plug-in and software development kits (SDKs). Developing big data apps on Hadoop and NoSQL data stores is now as easy as building any modern web application. The web framework means that developers can use the tools and languages they know--such as XML, JavaScript --to build big data apps with custom dashboards, a flexible UI and custom data visualizations. SDKs for Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C# and PHP enable rapid integration between Hunk and other applications and systems to maximize the value of your data in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores. Learn more at Splunk>Dev.

Hunk Developer Platform Stack Diagram