Manage WebRhythm Remote Access

With a powerful, high-performance, and feature-rich enterprise console, LogRhythm provides IT organizations with unparalleled access to valuable log and event data. LogRhythm delivers high-speed and high-volume analytics and forensics through a fully interactive and easily-customizable interface. This live window into global operations displays a potent combination of current and historical event data across all systems.

Access to the LogRhythm Console is typically delivered through a secure and reliable direct connection to the Event Manager from any desktop or laptop. Many enterprises, however, have specific requirements governing the types of access provided to a remote workforce.

WebRhythm delivers flexible options for an organization to harness the full power of LogRhythm, while meeting specific requirements for managing remote user access, provided in the convenience of a single, turnkey appliance.

WebRhythm provides enterprise-class performance for all remote users in an easily-deployed, rack-mountable, 1U server.

  • Multiple options
    For remote connections, including RDP, HTTP and HTTPS
  • Dedicated access
    Via Remote Desktop, providing full LogRhythm Console capabilities with minimal system resource requirements
  • Browser-based access
    Allowing users to access a full-featured LogRhythm Console from any location via Internet Explorer
  • Simplified administration
    For enterprise customers with centralized management of multiple user consoles