LogRhythm Software & Flexible Deployment Options

For some organizations, hardware-based solutions do not align with corporate IT standards. In those situations LogRhythm is available as a software solution, providing customers with the flexibility to deploy on their own dedicated hardware or within an existing virtual environment. Built with a distributed, incrementally scalable architecture, LogRhythm is designed to meet the deployment requirements of any enterprise.

LogRhythm can be architected as a single, all-in-one software solution on dedicated customer hardware, or with a high-volume, distributed enterprise architecture leveraging any combination of hardware and software based components. It allows customers to seamlessly integrate log management and SIEM within their existing infrastructure, providing total deployment flexibility to mix and match a combination of physical and virtual machines to meet their unique requirements. Regardless of deployment, performance, storage or geographic requirements, LogRhythm's modular architecture makes additional growth quick and painless

LogRhythm in Virtualized Environments

Enterprise IT organizations, MSSPs and Cloud-based service providers are increasingly turning to virtualized environments for greater agility, speed of provisioning, cost efficiency and flexible sourcing for a variety of applications, including log management and SIEM. With support for the three leading virtualization platforms – VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer – customers can implement LogRhythm in a completely virtual deployment, or architect a mixed mode environment that include a combination of software and hardware appliances, meeting any datacenter and remote site requirements.