LogRhythm Log & Event Management

Historically, log management and event management have been viewed by most as two distinct functions that operated independently, and were usually purchased and managed separately. However, at LogRhythm we have always believed that for any organization to fully tap the potential value and insight of log data, the two functions must be delivered as one, integrated solution. As such, from version 1.0, developed over six years ago to our fifth generation product, the award-winning LogRhythm solution has provided log management, log analysis, event management, and reporting in a single fully integrated system.

Log Management Highlights

  • Collect logs from all log sources, whether Windows events, syslog, flat file, NetFlow, databases or applications
  • Organize logs in a centralized, scalable, and secure manner
  • Enable fast, flexible search into all logs
  • Automate log archiving and retrieval for long term retention
  • Search and recover archived logs in seconds

Log Analysis Highlights

  • Automate log classification, normalization, aggregation, and correlation
  • Identify anomalies in applications, databases, systems, and devices in real time
  • Perform advanced filtered and forensic searches across all logs
  • Perform trending analysis across millions of logs in a single view
  • Apply advanced data mining techniques for investigations or root cause analysis

Event Management Highlights

  • Automate real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Flexible role-based alerting
  • Automatically prioritize alerts based on asset value of impacted system or application
  • Conduct easy forensic search and analysis
  • Apply comprehensive incident management
  • Provide real-time access to detailed event and log data for rapid response

Reporting Highlights

  • Packaged Compliance reports for SOX, PCI-DSS, FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, etc.
  • Schedule automated delivery of reports or report packages
  • On-the-fly reports based on any search or investigation
  • Easily tailor or customize reports based on individual needs
  • Virtually unlimited reporting capabilities

Intelligent IT Search

  • User and Host contextualization enables search based upon origin and/or impacted hosts/users
  • Launch intelligent searches in real-time (i.e., as logs are being generated)
  • Quick Search toolbar available from any user dashboard screen
  • Perform one-click correlation from any search
  • View millions of logs via 3-D visualization to discover anomalies and analyze trends rapidly