LogRhythm High Availability Solutions

Maximum Uptime for Enterprise Information Assurance

With a powerful, high-performance, and feature-rich enterprise console, LogRhythm provides IT organizations with unparalleled access to valuable log and event data. LogRhythm delivers high-speed/ high-volume analytics and forensics through a fully-interactive and easily-customizable interface. This live window into global operations displays a potent combination of current and historical event data across all systems.

All LogRhythm appliances are built with onboard redundancy for maximum fault-tolerance. But some enterprises require a greater level of guaranteed availability – either to meet internal policies or external requirements. For organizations requiring access to critical log and event data at all times, LogRhythm's flexible High Availability solutions can be easily tailored to meet the specific requirements of any organization.

LogRhythm High Availability Solutions Deliver:

  • Business continuity and information assurance
  • Highly available collection, accessibility and retention of log and event data during
    • System-level failures
    • Environment-level failures (power outage, fire, etc.)
    • Planned outages for system(s) maintenance and upgrades
  • Flexible deployment options to meet compliance and budget requirements
  • Automates disaster recovery and business continuity with minimal staff overhead

LogRhythm's High Availability Features:

  • Active/Passive configuration at the appliance level
  • Seamless failover and failback
  • Redundancy at every layer
    • Collection, Log Management, Event Management
    • Available on a per-device basis
  • Simple/optimized operation & configuration
    • A single management console with centralized administration – available from anywhere
    • Compressed communication between active & passive systems to minimize bandwidth consumption
    • Block-level replication for maximum information assurance
    • "Entity Host" transfer for transparency regardless of which systems are active