QRadar High Availability

QRadar HA delivers automatic failover and full disk synchronization between systems - a capability that is typically only available with costly, manually-implemented software and storage solutions.  With QRadar HA:

  • High availability of data storage and analysis is easily deployed through architecturally- elegant plug-and-play appliances
  • No need to add additional third-party fault management products.

Automated failover:

QRadar HA supports seamless failover between the primary and the high availability appliance in the event of primary appliance or network failures, and tests for connectivity to all appliances within its distributed deployment, including network devices such as switches and routers to determine when (or if ) a failover occurs.

Fully supported and integrated with all QRadar appliances:

QRadar HA is fully integrated into all QRadar appliances, including all-in-one systems and distributed appliances.

Built-in disk synchronization:

QRadar HA replicates all data, such as configuration, logs, flows, and reports in real time from the primary appliance to the secondary high availability appliance.  This is a key differentiator between QRadar HA and all competing solutions.

Other high availability products require database clustering, or can only replicate configuration data between systems, resulting in a major gap in the availability of security and compliance data.

Reduced cost of ownership and downtime:

QRadar HA reduces the total cost of ownership versus other solutions that require complex database clustering and third-party failover management products by utilizing QRadar's streamlined architecture and reducing or eliminating the need for additional set up and professional services costs.

Easy to deploy:

QRadar HA is a plug-and-play solution that is configured through an easy-to-use, wizard-based user interface. When a high availability appliance is added to a primary appliance, QRadar automatically synchronizes the data between the two systems while continuing to perform real-time analysis and storage of log and flow data - making deployment seamless.

Flexible deployment options:

QRadar HA can be deployed on a per-appliance basis enabling distributed QRadar deployments to add additional high availability appliances on an as-needed basis.

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