RSA Netwitness

RSA NetWitness: A revolutionary network security monitoring platform that provides enterprises with situational awareness of everything happening on the network to solve a wide range of information-security challenges.

The RSA NetWitness platform offers a scalable, distributed infrastructure with real-time fusion of global threat intelligence that adapts to changing operational requirements.

RSA NetWitness Decoder

Capture, reconstruct, and sessionize all network traffic up to Layer 7 enabling users to collect, filter, and analyze data in infinite dimensions.

RSA NetWitness Concentrator and Broker

Index metadata extracted from network traffic across the RSA NetWitness infrastructure for enterprise-wide querying and real-time analytics while facilitating reporting and alerting.

RSA NetWitness Capacity

Deploy a modular-capacity architecture, via direct-attached capacity or SAN, that adapts to your security and data-retention demands.

RSA NetWitness Features

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Achieve Pervasive Visibility

Obtain situational awareness into the content of all network traffic and discrete behavior of entities operating across the network.
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Detect Advanced Threats

Identify insider threats, zero-day exploits and targeted malware, advanced persistent threats, fraud, espionage, data exfiltration, and continuous monitoring of security controls.
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Obtain Actionable Intelligence

Perform real-time, free-form contextual analysis of network and log data captured and reconstructed by the NetWitness network security monitoring platform.
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Leverage the scalability and powerful analytics of the NetWitness platform to automate processes, reduce incident time, and adapt to changing threats.

RSA NetWitness Use Cases

Organizations in a variety of market sectors have deployed RSA NetWitness solutions to solve a wide range of information security challenges.
  • RSA NetWitness Continuous Monitoring: Operate your controls within acceptable risk and compliance expectations.
  • RSA NetWitness Data Leakage: Protect your intellectual property with pervasive visibility into your network.

  • RSA NetWitness Incident Response: Know everything happening across the network to respond immediately to new threats with clear answers.

  • RSA NetWitness Energy: Secure your critical infrastructure from potential advanced attacks with an actionable understanding of everything happening on your network.

  • RSA NetWitness Financial Services: Secure your sensitive data by gaining full visibility and receive regulatory compliance reports on a variety of categories pertinent to you.

  • RSA NetWitness Government: Secure your sensitive data by gaining full visibility and receive regulatory compliance reports on a variety of categories pertinent to you.

  • RSA NetWitness Healthcare: Protect patient information from advanced threats and their associated risks by understanding who and what are on your network.

  • RSA NetWitness High Tech: Actively monitor your intellectual property from cyber criminals by recording everything happening on your network and increase your security measures.

  • RSA NetWitness Retail: Know and see everything happening on your network at any time with a platform providing full visibility to identify and monitor advanced threats.

RSA NetWitness Applications

The RSA NetWitness application suite provides a powerful analytical workbench to investigate incidents, identify advanced threats on your network, and answer security questions.
  • RSA NetWitness for Logs: Deliver innovative security analytics in a merged view of network and log data sources with external threat intelligence over a scalable platform.

  • RSA NetWitness Informer: Provide enterprisewide visualization, alerting, reporting, and trending for every session, communication, service, application, and user activity.

  • RSA NetWitness Investigator: Perform real-time, free-form contextual analysis of network data captured and sessionized by RSA NetWitness.

  • RSA NetWitness Live: Accelerate your security operations center by minimizing the time it takes to identify, assess, and respond to incidents and advanced threats.

  • RSA NetWitness SDK/API: Develop any application that leverages the RSA NetWitness network capture infrastructure and application framework to solve unique IT risk challenges.

  • RSA NetWitness SIEMLink: Enable instant integration of the RSA NetWitness network-monitoring platform with SIEM and other existing enterprise security technologies.

  • RSA NetWitness Spectrum: Extract every executable automatically and analyze utilizing distinct investigation techniques for identification of malware, APTs, and zero-day threats.

  • RSA NetWitness Visualize: Render any object such as audio, documents, images, and video on the network for security visualization and interrogation over large data volumes.