ArcSight Compliance - FISMA

ArcSight ESM Compliance Insight Package for FISMA: Continuous, Proactive FISMA Compliance

The ArcSight ESM Compliance Insight Package for FISMA delivers a comprehensive, continuous monitoring and review solution to help organizations proactively manage and maintain FISMA compliance.


  • Proactively identify and manage incidents and violations before they significantly impact compliance
  • Establish compliance position; then measure, manage and report on continual state of compliance
  • Pre-configured rules, dashboards and reports based on NIST 800-53 to immediately manage FISMA compliance requirements

Integrating with ArcSight ESM--the core SIM solution for compliance, security and insider threat--the ArcSight ESM Compliance Insight Package for FISMA delivers the guidance, process and proof to proactively and comprehensively address FISMA compliance monitoring requirements. Proactive compliance leverages the ongoing log collection and management requirements, and allows larger organizations to move past compliance as a "check the box" activity to a comprehensive, automated initiative for protecting and enabling the business to mitigate risk and address regulatory requirements, while increasing efficiencies and reducing cost. ArcSight ESM Compliance Insight Package for FISMA includes a detailed set of customizable rules, dashboards, data monitors and reports that establish the customer's compliance state and monitor deviations from corporate policies.

Benefits of ArcSight ESM Compliance Insight Package for FISMA include:

  • Proactive management of compliance activity to identify and alert on security and compliance violations so you can mitigate risks before they significantly impact your organization.
  • Trend reporting and baseline functionality to help your organization establish a baseline of compliance activity.
  • Capability to measure and report on the effectiveness of controls through both business process activity review and technical security control checks against specific FISMA requirements with over 62 correlation rules and more than 84 customizable dashboards, reports and data monitors.
  • Identity and role correlation, allowing your organization to tie an individual's actions to all of his or her logical and physical identities, as well as compare the action of any identity to a specific business role and function. To support FISMA requirements for user management, it is critical to be able to attribute actions originating from a specific device back to its owner, as well as being able to show all events across the IT environment that are related to a particular user.