• Enterprise Applications

Transform your IT infrastructure into an essential enabler of business value.

From mobility and security to cloud and storage services, NDM offers a spectrum of IT infrastructure services and a range of flexible delivery options to meet the unique requirements of your organization. Gain the skills, insights and capabilities you need to achieve new levels of efficiency and agility while truly engineering your business for growth.

A global leader in the provisioning of fully managed IT infrastructure services, NDM will apply deep technological expertise and industry insights to your specific priorities. Our industrialized approach—grounded in standardization, automation and analytics—will provide a flexible, scalable IT environment optimized to evolve based on your changing needs and opportunities. Our truly global presence and unparalleled industry experience, gleaned from thousands of client engagements, will help position you as a category leader. And our commitment to innovation at all levels will help you achieve your most critical business and IT imperatives to deliver exceptional outcomes across your value chain.

Explore our Offerings

Cloud services

Take advantage of world-class infrastructure managed by NDM, with a broad range of managed service options designed to meet your unique needs.

Data center outsourcing

Increase capacity and flexibility and adopt new technologies faster.

Managed storage

Optimize storage capacity and other cost-effective solutions to increase your data availability and protect your critical information from accidental loss or destruction.

Security services

Protect your information assets 24x7 at a fraction of the cost of in-house security with Managed Security Services from NDM Security Services.

Mobility services

Develop the right strategy and governance and deliver a wide range of mobile enterprise services to create a more productive, connected workplace.

Workplace services

Help end users become more productive and collaborate from any place at any time, boosting competitiveness and innovation while keeping a handle on the bottom line.

Technical support services

Increase availability while simplifying the management of your multi-vendor hardware and software environment.

Managed hosting for mid-size companies

Flexible hosting solutions with predictable pricing.