Prevent Data Breaches

A data breach is one of the single most damaging security incidents an organization has to face. A significant data breach can not only damage an organization’s brand, but also cost several million dollars in recovery costs and man hours. The 2010, Ponemon Institute’s US Cost of a Data Breach, identified the average organizational cost of a data breach increased to $7.2 million, with a per record cost of $214. This doesn’t include the significant damage to the company profile, trustworthiness and effect on new customers.

Data breach management is only as good as the time it takes to identify that a breach has in fact occurred. A basic data breach prevention strategy should include a defence in depth approach, focusing on things like a quantified risk assessment, solid access control, encryption techniques, the tracking of portable devices and data movements and so on.

Data breaches can occur from an array of different scenarios from the well known cyber attacks and malicious insider activity through to neglect (loss of portable devices), system failure (outages and erroneous configurations) and poorly designed security policies.

Detect Abnormal Activities

Securonix provides deep inspection of all your application logs to identify threat vectors signaling data breaches. By using normal baseline behavior characteristics learned from user and peer activities, the Securonix solution detects abnormal spikes in activities. The Securonix solution uses over 120 behavioral characteristics to baseline normal behavior and adjusts these to changes in the environment. Abnormal spikes in activities, unusual network sources and unusual day and time windows sends strong threat signals that is translated into alerts for security administrators to investigate.

Identify – DLP Alert Intelligence

Securonix adds risk intelligence to your DLP alerts, so you can focus on the alerts that pose the highest risk to your organziation. Data Loss Prevention is a key concern for any organisation, as today’s levels of interconnectedness increases. As many companies now embrace, and face the challenges, of things like Bring Your Own Device, home working, more deeply integrated federated and partner relationships and out-sourced data providers, DLP is a key area for attack protection. Whilst DLP alerting is common, developing true context and risk awareness of data alerts is difficult. Securonix provides intelligent analysis for DLP alerts to help reduce noise and focus on true impact.

Prevent – Actionable Policy Management

Securonix allows the development and implementation of advanced policies, that allow actionable risk based incident management to be developed in accordance with key data activities. By combining user, access and activity data streams in to a centralised policy management view, cross application, activity, transaction and location data can be quickly analyzed to develop stringent data protection policies that help identify frequency, source and cross-pollination based breaches.