Securonix Access Security Analytics

Securonix’s Access Analytics connects to your applications or plugs directly into IAM products such as SaiPoint, Oracle, and IBM to mine data and perform peer analytics and other application specific techniques to automatically identify and risk ranks rogue and high risk access on applications, servers, databases, and mainframe systems for certification and cleanup. This same “access risk intelligence” can be used to streamline and strengthen your access request and provisioning processes by eliminating the need to approve standard low risk access while raising the attention to a requester before high-risk access is granted.

Key use cases:

  • Rogue Access Cleanup
  • Enable risk-based access reviews
  • Enable risk-based access requests

Key benefits:

  • Improved application security by lowing high-risk access
  • Improved compliance and reduces risk with 50-80% revocation
  • Lower compliance costs by reducing certification effort to top 5% riskiest entitlements
  • Improved Efficiency Through Better IAM

Integrated partner solutions:

  • Securonix for SailPoint
  • Securonix for Oracle IAM
  • Securonix for CA IAM
  • Securonix for Aveska