Unlock Data-Driven, Risk-Based Access Management

With 61% of breaches involving credentials, the need for identity analytics is crucial to staying ahead of cyber threats. Securonix helps you make dynamic, informed access decisions by collecting data from your IAM solution and correlating it with user risk intelligence.

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Securonix Bring Your Own AWS

Securonix integrates with every major IAM and IGA solution to deliver a continuous stream of identity analytics and intelligence allowing for:

- Improved access management compliance through user- and resource-centric views of access risk.
- Automated access cleanup and risk-based certification.
- Streamlined, risk-based access request processes

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Why Securonix for Identity Analytics?

Streamlined Integrations

Streamlined Integrations

Securonix Next-Gen SIEM integrates with many major IAM and IGA solutions to deliver a continuous stream of identity analytics and intelligence.
Easier Access Management

Easier Access Management

Take the guesswork out of access management with a solution that enables streamlining of access requests based on user risk levels.
Gain Identity Context

Gain Identity Context

Take advantage of IAM and IGA context to identify user behavior that could indicate compromised or misused credentials

Address Identity Analytics Security Use Cases

  • Privileged Accounts
    Monitor Privileged and Service Account Usage

    Although privileged accounts create risk for organizations, they are essential for admins performing day-to-day operations. Due to the high level of access these accounts are granted, they are often prime targets and an easy entry point for cybercriminals.

    By monitoring these accounts using identity analytics and intelligence, unusual behaviors such as privilege escalations, data exfiltration, credential sharing, and account compromise can be detected and resolved before larger damage is done.

  • Excessive Permission
    Detect Excessive Permissions

    Default user profiles can be dangerous. Giving a group of users excessive permissions – without considering their specific position can give hackers more entry points through your security perimeter.

    Securonix Next-Gen SIEM solves this by monitoring access trends and correlating the data with user profiles from your IAM solution. The resulting analytics help you determine what level of permission is needed for each user and helps eliminate the risk of granting excessive permissions that can be abused

  • Rouge Accounts
    Discover Rogue or Orphaned Accounts

    Rogue and orphaned accounts with high-level privileges often go unnoticed and are ripe for compromise.

    Using identity analytics and intelligence you can correlate actions that previously weren’t traceable back to specific accounts or entitlements. Our solution’s analytics enable you to revoke access to these accounts, increasing your security posture while lowering licensing expenses.

  • Dormant Accounts
    Monitor Usage of Dormant and Terminated Accounts

    Dormant and terminated accounts need to be purged on a regular basis but are easily overlooked by busy analysts. Such accounts are dangerous because they could easily be misused to gain system access.

    Identity Analytics and Intelligence detects unusual activities and alerts you to revoke privileges for dormant and terminated accounts. By reducing the possibility of credential misuse you can minimize the risk these accounts pose to your organization.