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    Autonomous Threat Sweeper

    Automate rapid response for your SOC with current threat advisories and autonomous sweeps of your historical event data for emerging threats.

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Automate Cyber Rapid Response for Emerging Threats

Autonomous Threat Sweeper (ATS) acts as air cover for your security team, leveraging the latest threat research from securonix Threat Labs to automate assessing your exposure and initiating incident response.
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Securonix Bring Your Own AWS

Acting like your own dedicated Cyber Rapid Response Team, the Securonix Autonomous Threat Sweeper (ATS) feature provides air-cover for your security operations team. It automatically and retroactively hunts for new and emerging threats in current and long-term historical data based on the latest, up-to-date threat intelligence. Securonix ATS is capable of automating rapid detection and recommended response actions and acts as a force-multiplier for security operations teams.

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Why Leverage Securonix Autonomous Threat Sweeper?


Curated Threat Advisories

Curated Threat Advisories

ATS delivers continuously updated threat content as a service. The solution combines primary threat research with community-derived and best-of-breed threat intelligence sources.
Multi-Vector Detection

Multi-Vector Detection

IOCs are not effective on their own at tracing unknown threats. ATS solves this challenge by blending both IOC and TTP detection methodologies to keep you ahead of threat developments.
Reporting and Alerting

Reporting and Alerting

ATS alerts your security team and provides comprehensive reporting, automated incident creation, and actionable guidance for remediation.


  • Proactive Security
    Stay Ahead of Emerging and Developing Threats

    Empower your team to prioritize high-risk threats with continuously curated threat intelligence. Autonomous Threat Sweeper provides air cover for your SOC with retroactive searches across large volumes of logs and historical time frames.

    Threat Advisories: Get continuously updated threat content curated by the experts on our Threat Labs team.
    Threat Awareness Reports: Get notified immediately as critical threats appear in your environment.

  • Fast Detection
    Quickly Know Your Exposure

    Quickly know your exposure to new threats with attack-centric IOC and TTP-based detection. ATS enhances your SIEM with the ability to detect low and slow threats through post-hoc detection of both IOCs and TTPs, extracted and codified by Securonix Threat Labs.

    IOC Detection Mode: Searches for indicators of compromise to detect threat indicators hidden in your long-term, historical data.
    TTP Detection Mode: Analyzes tactics, techniques, and procedures to identify indicators of action in the absence of prior knowledge about IOCs.

  • Rapid Response
    Accelerate Cyber Rapid Response

    Accelerate cyber rapid response with automated reporting, alerting, and incident creation. By continuously monitoring your environment and curating intelligence on emerging threats, ATS helps security teams drive down their mean time to respond and prioritize what matters most.

    Automation: ATS speeds up detection and response by executing searches to automatically sweep your environment for signs of compromise in current and historical data.
    Actionable Insights: Get detailed findings and remediation guidance if IOCs and TTPs are detected in your environment.


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