RSA IT Security Risk Management Solution

Proactively identify IT security risks, classify and prioritize them for remediation, automate remediation processes, and continuously report on compliance to auditors and management.

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Use the RSA IT Security Risk Management Solution to identify IT security risks before they become security incidents.
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Prioritize your remediation actions to focus on the highest risks to your most sensitive systems and data.
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Increase the speed and efficiency of your IT security risk remediation processes, which can impact all areas within your organization.
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Provide continuous reporting on your organization’s compliance through security controls and security-impacting regulations

Solution Description

IT security risks can exist anywhere there are IT systems within organizations. The goal of a well-designed risk management program is to reduce those risks to acceptable levels.

The RSA IT Security Risk Management Solution enables organizations to:

  • Discover risks that exist in the enterprise – IT security risks can take many forms, including sensitive data left in under-secured locations, insiders exposing data accidentally, and many forms of malware. Discovering those risks before they have caused a system compromise is critical to the success of an effective security program.
  • Prioritize risks and address those that have the greatest potential negative business impact –  Typically when organizations start looking closely for IT security risks, they discover many more than they can reasonably remediate. It then becomes key to prioritize the risks based on an estimate of their severity and importance to the business.
  • Automate the risk-remediation processes – Risk-remediation processes that depend on emails, phone calls, meetings, and spreadsheets won’t scale for most organizations.
  • Continuously monitor and report on the effectiveness of security controls – Security policies and compliance regulations are only effective if they are regularly adhered to. To be most effective, security controls need to be monitored on a continuous basis, so that weaknesses can be addressed before being found by auditors or attackers.


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